Contribution Submission & Assessment - January 2024

It’s time for Warriors to submit their monthly contributions!

Q1 focuses on the launch of Launchpad Season 1 and StaFi 2.0. Warriors are encouraged to focus their contributions on these areas.

Here are the instructions for submitting contributions:

  • Specific contributions and their effects
    • List your contributions in detail in your post (instead of using third-party links) for easy community review.
    • Quantify the effects of your contributions whenever possible.
  • Next steps
    • Briefly outline your plans for the next month.

Community Incentive Management will distribute rewards based on the submitted contributions.


Telegram ID: @AlphaTower
Discord ID: AlphaTower#0156
Twitter ID:
StaFi Contribution Details

Month: January 2024

  1. Update Mod-Report channel in discord for server weekly statistics.
  • January Data:
    • Discord Members December 1st: 9679
    • Discord Members December 31st: 9720
    • Discord members gained/lost: +41
    • Opened Tickets: 55
    • Total Open Tickets Remaining: 0
    • Total messages: 2581
    • Deleted Scams/Spams: 1536
  1. Help keep the community members engaged with the StaFi Discord server as well as provide relevant information if and when needed, especially answering queries and support tickets. Supported the server with very quick response to help community members reach Technical support if and when needed. Details down below:
  • LPer community member concern about RATOM/ATOM pool on OSMOSIS suddenly lost FIS rewards. Status: Replied, already confirmed by @kamiesheep that new campaign will start. Update, already started February 8th, Announcement for reference.
  • Community issue with rSWTH staking problem, the staking transaction pushed through but rSWTH wasn’t recieved by the stakers. (3 occurrences/reports from Jan 13-14) Status: Resolved, the node is lagging behind thus it took a longer time but the stakers got their rSWTH within a couple of hours.
  • Concern in bridging Native FIS to BEP20 FIS, the bridge transaction pushed through based on subscan but FIS didn’t reflect on BSCscan. (2 occurrences/reports from Jan 15) Status: Resolved, RPC node issue help fixed by Dev @tore7980.
  • Community member tried to bridge huahua from StarFi to Huahua and got “Query Failed Error”. Status: Resolved, the IBC client was expired, proposal to update the client had been submitted
  • Concern with regards to rETH unstaking time too long before it can be withdrawn. Status: Replied, it is all about the congestion of the Ethereum. The unstaking still working in the frontend and backend for StaFi’s side.
  • Query about if there anyway to bridge rETH from optimism to arbitrum. Status: Replied, direct bridging from optimism to arbitrum is not supported yet and needs to bridge into mainnet Eth using the guide.
  • Community concern with regards to contingency plan for when polygon 2.0 goes live and migration to the POL token from Matic. Status: Replied, it is just a Ticker change but fundamentals remain unchanged and the migration itself has not yet come and all Polygon PoS contracts work as previously designed. The team still designing the migration method, more details will soon be announced.
  • Community concern on update whether or not another rETH liquidity farm will open up when the current one ends Status: Replied, @kamiesheep confirmed that there will be a new campaign. Update already started February 5th, Announcement for reference.
  • Feedback with regards to increased scammers trying to send phishing links and invites within the server. Status: Replied, this case is consistently being monitored, banning scammers consistently and removing the messages manually/automatically.
  • Community member reports that IBC channel 10 (Osmosis - Stafi) having a lot of pending transactions (Occurred Jan 29,2024). Status: Resolved, alerted the devs and the Osmosis IBC relay had been restarted with the help of Dev @tore7980.
  • A huge spike of attempted Scams and/or Spamming on StaFi discord servers various channels this month, about 59.5% of total messages in the discord server. Status: Resolved, automatic deletion of scams/spams by our discord security or manual deletion and banning of server violations.
  1. Cleaning up the chaotic and numerous channels @signal cited have been done.

  2. Next steps for community engagement campaign will be proposed with my personal budget on the line if the StaFi Core Team allows it.

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Successful connection between MetisDAO and StaFi Protocol.

Two Written threads

Telegram ID: @Aerovall
Discord ID: aerovall
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details for the Month of December year of 2023

1.Successful Connection with Pancakeswap and Cakepie regarding rBNB-BNB liquidity

  1. Drafting of Proposal posted by Shirley(as I can’t post it due to conflict of interest) to enable and whitelist our rBNB-BNB pool to be eligible for veCAKE bribing
    Enable rBNB-BNB (0.01% fee tier) V3 gauge on BNB Chain - Gauges - PancakeSwap

  2. Successful onboarding of rBNB-BNB pool with Cakepie bribing to enable cake emissions toward our rBNB-BNB pair

  3. Unsuccessful connection with certain wallet providers(yaspfi,plena) as the contact already resigned from the protocol

  4. Drafting of Marketing Proposal [Discussion Draft] Marketing Plan and Budget Proposal

6.Moderating Messages , Banning of Scammers and Assisting users with questions in StaFi Protocol’s Telegram

Next Steps:
Hopefully to have budget allotted for Marketing to allow and search for prospect that would help and benefit StaFi as a whole, Continue on searching protocols building ontop of cakepie/pancakeswap to enable a much better and easier way to access yield in pancakeswap v3 and protocols that would help and benefit us in expanding our reach. With the continued bullish trend of the market I believe it is the right time for us to allocate budget for marketing/engaging to community in order to increase the awareness of our brand to crypto users alike.

Role: Telegram Support
Telegram ID: @Sanches_IQ
Discord ID: @Sanchez_IQ
Twitter (X) ID:

Twitter (X) ID2:

StaFi Contribution Details

Month: January 2024
As a dedicated Telegram support for StaFi Protocol, I actively engaged with the community on Telegram and Discord. My responsibilities included guiding discussions, answering user questions, and ensuring a positive and informative environment for StaFi enthusiasts.

Content Review for Documentation :

  • Reviewed the content on StaFi’s official documentation to identify errors, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement.

Forum Proposal Updates:

  • Regularly ensured update on the StaFi forum with the latest proposals, ensuring transparency and community involvement.

Community Engagement:

  • Actively participated in Telegram, Discord and forum discussions, providing insights, addressing queries, and fostering a sense of community ownership.

Spam Management:

  • Monitored and promptly deleted spam content across StaFi’s communication channels (Telegram and Discord).

Twitter Amplification:

  • Liked, retweeted and amplified StaFi-related posts on Twitter, increasing visibility and engagement.

Telegram ID: @GanreTM
Discord ID: Jagwa#3535
Twitter ID:
StaFi Contribution Details

Month: January 2024
Hello StaFi community, My January contribution was streamlined to focus on the latest development on the ecosystem which is the StaFi 2.0 and also Proposals

Here’s a link to my tweet, which has a breakdown of what to expect with StaFi 2.0
Here’s a personal shoutout to the project on X

I proposed two different topics to the DAO forum
The first is the proposal for the rLaunchpad listing of L1 PoS tokens: rSEI, rBERA, and rXPLA. Here’s a link: Proposal for rLaunchpad new rToken Listing 4 - rSEI and rXPLA

After deliberations and voting, rSEI takes the largest share of the vote and earns my first proposal acceptance to list rSEI on the rLaunchpad.

Here’s the announcement of vote results, with about 6.9k votes for rSEI and 3.4k votes for rXPLA.
Please note: the token for Berachain is BGT and as a result of a lack of transfer support, rBGT currently has no technical pathway and thus didn’t participate in this vote.

With these results, the StaFi team would collaborate with the Sei Foundation to unlock and integrate even more use cases for rSEI.

The second;
I also proposed the integration of the Solflare wallet with respect to the Solana migration into StaFi 2.0. Although it hasn’t received a review yet, I am convinced that integrating SolFlare into the rToken App is a calculated move that will enhance StaFi’s position and contribute to the general development of the Solana ecosystem, so I implore the StaFi team to give this proposal and its potential advantages significant consideration. Hopefully, it gets checked out.

Thank you for your contributions in January!

If you need a budget, please feel free to include it in your report. We will provide you with the necessary funds.

Currently, our focus is on content and topic operations, rather than relying too much on mechanisms and bots. We need to have content operations that correspond to hot topics or events.

Based on your work, your reward for this month will be 330 U.

Thank you for your contributions in January!

  • Marketing Campaign: If you need support for your marketing campaign, please provide more details in your report. This will help us to better understand your needs and provide the necessary resources.
  • Business Development: We encourage you to continue exploring and developing new potential LSD Layer 1s. This is an important area of focus for StaFi 2.0 and rLaunchapad.

Based on your work, your reward for this month will be 330 U.

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Hey, mercy, need your help to continue to promote Metis. This includes:

  • Voting on proposals
  • Attending Metis meetings
  • Helping to distribute grants

If you have experience with UI/UX, we would love for you to help create some materials for StaFi 2.0.

Based on your work, your reward for this month will be 400 FIS.

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Hey, SANCHEZ, thanks for your contributions. I hope you can do more active community activities with Adam, such as organizing events, answering questions, and creating content. In addition, you should also familiarize yourself with the product by learning about its features, benefits, and use cases.

Based on your work, your reward for this month will be 200 FIS.

Hey, jawga, the Solana integrated wallet proposal was from January and does not count as part of this period’s work. I hope to continue to do more content about the StaFi 2.0 thread in the future. In addition, I hope that more materials can be shared in the group. I have not seen any progress on this yet.

Based on your work, your reward for this month will be 300 FIS.