Proposal for rLaunchpad new rToken Listing 4 - rSEI and rXPLA

To the StaFi Community and rLaunchpad Committee:

This proposal presents the exciting opportunity to list rXPLA and rSEI, representing leading projects in GameFi and DeFi, on StaFi’s rLaunchpad program. By integrating these innovative rTokens, we aim to:

Unleash Growth Potential

  • Expand StaFi’s Reach: Access the rapidly growing GameFi (rXPLA) and high-frequency trading (rSEI) sectors, diversifying StaFi’s offerings and attracting new user segments.
  • Drive rToken Utility: Enhance staking volume and capital appreciation for both rXPLA and rSEI holders through rLaunchpad features like boosted APYs, exclusive token sales, and engaging governance opportunities.

Fuel Community Engagement:

  • Spark Interconnectivity: Bridge the gap between DeFi and GameFi, fostering collaborations and cross-chain interactions between XPLA and Sei Network ecosystems.
  • Attract Diverse Interests: Draw in the passionate communities of gamers and DeFi enthusiasts, enriching StaFi’s user base and fostering vibrant community growth

Project Comparison

SEI is an open layer 1 blockchain specialized for digital asset trade. The fastest blockchain in the industry solving the trilemma issues of decentralization, scalability and capital efficiency.
Vision: high-throughput, low-latency blockchain optimised for high-frequency trading and on-chain financial derivatives.
Strengths: Twin-Turbo consensus architecture for fast finality and scalability; focus on security and decentralisation; growing ecosystem of DEXes and DeFi protocols.

Token Metrics:

  1. Circulating supply: 2.425bn

  2. Market Cap: $2.1bn

  3. Trading Volume: $313bn

  4. FDV: $8.66bn

  5. Adoption: Axelar , PYTH, Sushi, Nitro

  6. Recent growth: about 806% since all time low at 0.09536, as at Oct 19, 2023.

  7. Recent news: Foresight ventures brings SEI ecosystem fund to $120m.
    Trading focused blockchain SEI raises $30m, bringing valuation up to $800m

Pick Reasons:

Sei Network fills a critical gap in the DeFi landscape with its focus on high-performance trading and financial applications. This caters to a large and underserved market of professional traders and institutional investors seeking advanced, decentralised financial tools.
Partnership with KudasaiJP expands the presence of SEI in Japan, thus automatically exposing StaFi to more investors in Asia, home of Crypto investors.
RWA support from SEI blockchain could boost TVL of StaFi as we could get more investors from real estate, agriculture etc.
Also, the Sei Network’s rapid growth and strong technical foundation indicate significant potential for rSEI price appreciation and increased utilisation within the platform.
Listing rSEI on StaFi can provide StaFi users with early access to a promising project positioned to revolutionize the trading and DeFi landscape.

Explore and Play(XPLA):

Emerging in 2023, XPLA Chain champions accessible, scalable Web3 gaming and dApps. Built on the secure Tendermint engine, it empowers developers with seamless user experiences and fosters cross-chain collaboration through IBC protocol. Committed to a sustainable future, XPLA prioritizes energy efficiency and aims for carbon neutrality, making it a future-proof playground for next-generation Web3 innovation.

Token Metrics:

As at 17th of January, 2024,

  1. Circulating supply: 427 million XPLA

  2. Total supply: 1.9 billion XPLA

  3. Market cap: $79,473,712

  4. Daily trade volume: $107k

  5. Recent growth: since all time low at 0.$0.1375, as at Oct 22, 2023, the percentage change from ATL to current price 39%

  6. Adoption: The walking dead all stars, Gallery(an onchain content aggregator), Ace Fishing crew, Idle Ninja Online. DEXs like Osmosis, MonsterSwap, SuperDex, Dezswap

  7. Recent news: Partnership with Oasys, a gaming specialized mainnet in Japan. Google Cloud will be added to XPLA community as a volunteer validator.

Pick reason

Stafi gets to tap into the expanding GameFi and Web3 markets, which are poised for significant growth. Also, its a chance to diversify StaFi’s rToken offerings and appeal to a broader audience as XPLA has partnership in the gaming sector, also with Layer Zero, Burrito wallet.
Promote a more sustainable and interconnected DeFi ecosystem since it got partnership with Cosmos ecosystem partners like Axelar, Leap wallet etc. Capitalize on XPLA’s early traction and potential for future expansion.

Important Consideration:
XPLA Chain is still in its early stages of development, and its long-term success depends on community adoption, dApp development, and overall market conditions. I feel we could use this to our advantage.

Community Feedback and Governance:

We encourage the StaFi community to actively participate in the discussion and voting process regarding this proposal. Share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns through the designated channels to ensure a transparent and informed decision-making process.



What is BeraChain

Berachain is a high-performance EVM-compatible blockchain built on Proof-of-Liquidity consensus. Proof-of-Liquidity is a novel consensus mechanism that aims to align network incentives, creating strong synergy between Berachain validators and the ecosystem of projects. Berachain’s technology is built on Polaris, a high-performance blockchain framework for building EVM-compatible chains on-top of the CometBFT consensus engine.

Berachain is an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain built on-top of the Cosmos-SDK that supports all the same tooling, operations, and adds additional functionality built into the chain that optimizes for proof-of-liquity and typical abstracted use-cases (DEXs, Oracles, etc).


Proof of Stake blockchains have a governance token that is used to secure the network through staking with validators. The economic value of all the tokens staked in the network adds up to form the security of the chain. Oftentimes, this is the main network token.

BGT, when delegated to a validator, can be used to create and vote on governance proposals such as proposals that decide on which LP pools receive BGT emissions. Once delegated, you will start earning various rewards from the network.

BeraChain allows BGT to determine the incentive distribution to various liquidity pools. Therefore, staking BGT not only enhances the overall network security but also influences the allocation of liquidity incentives. Additionally, rewards for staking BGT include BGT inflation, transaction fees from user swaps, and gas fees.

Why choose BeraChain

  • New Project and No LSD Competitors
  • The First Proof of Liquidity in Cosmos
  • New Consensus Engine
  • Twitter Followers: 244.8k

Berachain is great but there is one caveat which is :

So how will rTokens be integrated if the token is not tradable and only acquireable through emissions of LP’ing and lending to them?

I think the plan will be integration in the testnet first and wait for the mainnet. rToken solution can’t work for the non-transferrable token.

BGT can be converted to the Bear, so the token pair may be rBGT and Bear. In addition to, if user want to acquire rBGT, they may need to delegate to the specific validator.

I think they testnet will soon be over, and after that, we have a shot at trading BGT. In the mean time, do we consider Honey, the stablecoin of Berachain?

Exactly, the testnet of Berachain should be conducted first; I actually went through they channels. Good project, just a little patience. Its why I had to focus on XPLA and SEI

Hey signal, how about we drive focus to the gaming project XPLA for now, since the mainnet launch seems a bit far ?

Game may not be a good choice, the lifetime of the project is too short.

How do you mean, gamefi would be here for a along while especially with the inclusion of metaverse. This would also be the first time we see a platform for gamers where they get to stake their game assets and earn more of it. Trust me the narrative makes a lot of sense, giving it a shot wouldn’t be a bad idea.
They might be having be having an airdrop pretty soon, means the token launch is close
They might be having be having an airdrop pretty soon, means the token launch