Contribution submission & incentive reward - February 2024

It’s time for Warriors to submit their monthly contributions!

March is an important month for StaFi 2.0, as it will kick off a series of intensive external promotions. At the same time, adjustments have been made to contribution submissions and reward distributions.

Please note that when submitting contributions for last month, it’s best to outline plans for the next month, including the expected rewards and time commitment. Additionally, tasks below 2.0 can be claimed and completed.

Business Development

  • Promote more Layer 1 solutions (such as EVM and CosWasm) and actively encourage LSD projects to utilize StaFi 2.0.
  • Engage potential partners for integration with StaFi 2.0.


  • StaFi 2.0 related topic operations, education, and Twitter threads.
  • Galxe campaign


  • Twitter threads
  • StaFi 2.0 related videos and poster materials.

Telegram ID: @Aerovall
Discord ID: aerovall
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details for the Month of December year of 2023

1.Successful Connection with Pancakeswap and Cakepie regarding rBNB-BNB liquidity

  1. Successful onboarding of our rBNB-BNB pool in Pancakeswap

  2. Successful onboarding of boosted rBNB-BNB pool with Cakepie

  1. Successful connection with Ichi for formulating strategy vaults for rBNB-BNB pancakeswap pool

  2. Successful connection with Galxe, KOL’s in talks for future campaigns for StaFi 2.0

6.Moderating Messages , Banning of Scammers and Assisting users with questions in StaFi Protocol’s Telegram

Next Steps:
To have budget allotted for Marketing to allow and search for prospect that would help and benefit StaFi as a whole, Continue on searching protocols building ontop of cakepie/pancakeswap to enable a much better and easier way to access yield in pancakeswap v3 and protocols that would help and benefit us in expanding our reach. With the continued bullish trend of the market I believe it is the right time for us to allocate budget for marketing/engaging to community in order to increase the awareness of our brand to crypto users alike. Expected rewards would be same as the previous months around $330-$450U and time commitment would be same as previous contributions would be spanning in a month(added tasks such as educational threads and dao topics is not included in expected rewards and time commitments).

Telegram ID: @AlphaTower
Discord ID: AlphaTower#0156
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details
Month: February 2024

  1. Update Mod-Report channel in discord for server weekly statistics.
  • February Data:
    • Discord Members December 1st: 9720
    • Discord Members December 31st: 9786
    • Discord members gained/lost: +66
    • Opened Tickets: 23
    • Total Open Tickets Remaining: 0
    • Total messages: 1730
    • Deleted Scams/Spams: 963
  1. Help keep the community members engaged with the StaFi Discord server as well as provide relevant information if and when needed, especially answering queries and support tickets. Supported the server with very quick response to help community members reach Technical support if and when needed. Details down below:
  • Concern about how to get $FIS Gas in cosmos eco quickly. Status: Replied, use the StaFi Hub App for now and patiently wait for the StaFi 2.0 solutions with regards to the matter.
  • Query about if there are any plans to add support for Eth restaking Status: Replied, the team is working on it as per @signalxu
  • Concern to withdraw rETH and continue to see estimated time to withdraw that is stuck at zero days but still can’t withdraw. Status: Replied, ETH withdraw queue is seriously congested, asked by @tore7980 to wait a few more days.
  • Community member concern if there’s a plan to boosttrap FIS Token liquidity on Arbitrum. Status: Replied, FIS can only swap to the Ethereum mainnet and cash out then, the focus now is on the Ethereum mainnet
  • Unstaked rETH estimated remaining time lock been stuck on 0 D for three days plus. Status: Replied, it’s a front-end issue and ETH withdraw queue is seriously congested.
  • Concern about the cheapest way to get $FIS for gas. Status: Replied, for Native FIS you can buy from CEX like Huobi or, then send to your Native FIS address via Native FIS chain. However for cosmos you can exchange at StaFi Hub App .
  • 2 occurrences of community members staked SWTH on Stafihub but did not receive the rSWTH around Feb 22nd at 9pm UTC. Status: Resolved, the node was being upgraded and synchronizing data because of Carbon chain upgrade, rSWTH was received around Feb 23rd at 2:30am UTC.
  • Query on what chain is the cosmos smart contract deployed on. Status: Replied, currently the rATOM is deployed on StaFiHub Chain, however a vote was passed to migrate rATOM deployment to Neutron
  • Query on where to see rATOM rewards. Status: Replied, rToken is a rebase token, which means that the number of rATOM you hold will not change but the rATOM/ATOM exchange rate will continue to increase.
  • Concern if ETH+rETH votemarket gauge incentive been discontinued. Status: Replied, it will be continued in a new round. Stake DAO | Votemarket
  1. Next Step: Will provide support for the upcoming campaigns in the future

Telegram ID: @mercysnow
Discord ID: mercysnow_web3
Twitter ID:


Successfully organized Community AMA for Metis | StaFi

Participated in the Voting process of staFi proposal

Role: Telegram Support
Telegram ID: @Sanches_IQ
Discord ID: @Sanchez_IQ
Twitter (X) ID:

Twitter (X) ID2:

StaFi Contribution Details

Month: Febuary 2024
As a dedicated Telegram support for StaFi Protocol, I actively engaged with the community on Telegram and Discord. My responsibilities included guiding discussions, answering user questions, and ensuring a positive and informative environment for StaFi enthusiasts.

Expected rewards: $300 - $400 in $FIS
Time commitment: I’m always round the clock, almost 12 hours daily, monitoring the group and guiding discussions.

Content Review for Documentation :

  • Reviewed the content on StaFi’s official documentation to identify errors, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement.

Forum Proposal Updates:

  • Regularly ensured update on the StaFi forum with the latest proposals, ensuring transparency and community involvement.

Community Engagement:

  • Actively participated in Telegram, Discord and forum discussions, providing insights, addressing queries, and fostering a sense of community ownership. Evaluate from StaFi TG statistics.

Spam Management:

  • Monitored and promptly deleted spam content across StaFi’s communication channels (Telegram and Discord). Evaluate from StaFi TG statistics.

Twitter Amplification:

  • Liked, retweeted and amplified StaFi-related posts on Twitter, increasing visibility and engagement.

Plan for next month (March 2024):

  • Create and share educational content about StaFi Protocol

  • Increase the engagement with the community. Organize AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions or discussion threads on specific topics related to StaFi Protocol.

  • Keep the community updated with the latest proposals on the StaFi forum. Encourage community members to participate in discussions and vote on proposals.

  • Continue reviewing the content on StaFi’s official documentation. Look for new updates or changes that need to be communicated to the community.

  • Actively collect feedback from the community. This could be about the protocol, recent updates, or the community management itself. Share this feedback with the StaFi team to help improve the protocol and community experience.

Attached to this submission is the link to all Twitter(X) related activities:

Hey, BNB staking will undergo an upgrade soon, which may affect some progress. If there’s a group for Galxe, please add me. Also, feel free to apply directly for any expenses needed.

For the upcoming Galxe campaign, you can collaborate with other mods. The reward for this month will be 350U.

Hey, we can focus more on educating about StaFi 2.0 on Discord. Also, let’s explore with Kelvin how to activate Discord using Galaxy. Finally, let’s create a channel for 2.0 LSAAS. The reward for this month will be 350U.

Hey, let’s continue to provide more education about StaFi 2.0 on Discord and Telegram. The previous efforts have been excellent, and we can aim for updates every three days. Lastly, the reward for this month will be 400 FIS.

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Thank you for your contributions to connecting with the Metis project. Moving forward, your assistance in advancing StaFi’s success in the second round would be greatly appreciated. The reward for this month is 300 FIS.