Contribution submission & incentive reward - May 2024

It’s time for Warriors to submit their monthly contributions!

May holds significant importance for StaFi 2.0, as it marks an expansion in its adoption. Alongside, adjustments have been made to contribution submissions and reward distributions.

Please note that when submitting contributions for last month, it’s best to outline plans for the next month, including the expected rewards and time commitment. Additionally, tasks below 2.0 can be claimed and completed.

Business Development

  • Promote more Layer 1 solutions (such as EVM and CosWasm) and actively encourage LSD projects to utilize StaFi 2.0.
  • Acquire LRT Stack partner(BounceBit, Karak, Babylon).
  • rSEI integration and incentive


  • LSaaS Stack/rSEI related topic operations, education, and Twitter threads.
  • Community campaign
  • FIS token rebrand campaign
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Telegram ID: @AlphaTower
Discord ID: AlphaTower#0156
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details
Month: May 2024

  1. Update Mod-Report channel in discord for server weekly statistics.
  • May Data:
  • Discord Members May 1st: 10134
  • Discord Members May 31st: 10257
  • Discord members gained/lost: +123
  • Opened Tickets: 25
  • Total Open Tickets Remaining: 0
  • Total messages: 920
  • Deleted Scams/Spams: 445
  1. Help keep the community members engaged with the StaFi Discord server as well as provide relevant information if and when needed, especially answering queries and support tickets. Supported the server with very quick response to help community members reach Technical support if and when needed. Details down below:
  • Community member concern rSWTH deducted from my StafiHub wallet but not reached Terra. Status: Resolved, Dev @tore7980 fixed the IBC relayer issue.
  • Another occurrence of community member concern of there’s any way to unstake rDOT or exchange it. SIP-9 rDOT removal on rToken App Mar-1-2024. Status: Resolved, provided a temporary link to be able to unstake rDOT for the members concerned
  • Community member concern for problems connecting Cosmos Keplr. Status: Resolved, Dev @tore7980 and the team were updating the rToken APP
  • Community member concern if atom/ratom pool reward fis on osmois will still going. Status: Replied, were not continuing the reward for this month. The team is focusing on LSaaS right now.
  • Community member concern tried staking SWTH in rToken App and not getting rSWTH. Status: Resolved, Dev @tore7980 advised that the transaction was delayed and took more time to process.
  • Report of a member getting the message “network expectation, please try again later” when I try to withdraw his unstaked BNB. Status: Resolved, Dev @tore7980 advised APP made a misjudgment before sending the withdraw transaction, so it gave this incorrect message
  • Community member query do to convert Stafihub FIS tokens to Ethereum. Status: Replied, Use the Link for the bridge. If there isn’t an available direct bridge you can do stafihub to native, then native to erc20
  • Report of a member have a problem Withdrawing rbnb, I waited for the 8 day period, but I get a message: Withdraw Failed Something went wrong, please try again. (May 25th) Status: Resolved, Dev @tore7980 advised please refresh the page and try again, then take a screenshot so we can troubleshoot the cause. Update: Same day updated that the transaction went through but had delays
  1. Provided constructive feedback on Community Campaign Proposals to address key points of importance and promote improvement.

  2. Next Step:

  • Reaching out to new L1s using StaFi’s LSaaS Solution Pitch Deck via email, discord, telegram, or any other means of communication to connect with our BD Team.
  • Will provide support to the reviewed and confirmed LSaaS campaign plans if and when requiring discord integration and participation.

Role: Telegram Support
Telegram ID: @Sanches_IQ
Discord ID: @Sanchez_IQ
Twitter (X) ID:

Twitter (X) ID2:

StaFi Contribution Details

Month: May 2024
As a dedicated Telegram support for StaFi Protocol, I actively engaged with the community on Telegram and Discord. My responsibilities included guiding discussions, answering user questions, and ensuring a positive and informative environment for StaFi enthusiasts.

Expected rewards: $300 - $400 in $FIS
Time commitment: I’m always round the clock, almost 12 hours daily, monitoring the group and guiding discussions.

Content Review for Documentation:

  • Reviewed the content on StaFi’s official documentation to identify errors, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement.

Forum Proposal Updates:

  • Regularly ensured update on the StaFi forum with the latest proposals, ensuring transparency and community involvement.

Community Engagement:

  • Actively participated in Telegram, Discord and forum discussions, providing insights, addressing queries, and fostering a sense of community ownership. Attended to 1 Discord tickets before closure by AlphaTower. Evaluate from StaFi TG statistics.

Additionally, I continued discussion with Karak Network over the BD proposal for Karak to integrate the StaFi LSaaS LRT stack for easy deployment for its DeFi protocol DEVs. I was referred to fill a form for further discussion and consideration.

Researched and reached out to some LSTs projects looking to onboard and build on the TON Blockchain to potentially build using StaFi’s LST stacks.

Promoted the rSEI Mint Drop Campaign via Twitter(X)

I participated and guided community members to join the discussion/voting proceedings for the rSEI Mint Drop campaign. :point_down:t5:

Spam Management:

  • Monitored and promptly deleted spam content across StaFi’s communication channels (Telegram and Discord). Evaluate from StaFi TG statistics.

Twitter Amplification:

  • Liked, retweeted and amplified all StaFi-related posts on Twitter, increasing visibility and engagement.

Plan for next month (June 2024):

  • Create and share educational content about StaFi Protocol LSaaS products
  • Promoting rSEI and help LSaaS find Layer 1 collaboration opportunities.
  • Increase the engagement with the community. Organize feedback sessions or discussion threads on specific topics related to StaFi Protocol.
  • Keep the community updated with the latest proposals on the StaFi forum. Encourage community members to participate in discussions and vote on proposals.
  • Continue reviewing the content on StaFi’s official documentation. Look for new updates or changes that need to be communicated to the community.
  • Actively collect feedback from the community. This could be about the protocol, recent updates, or the community management itself. Share this feedback with the StaFi team to help improve the protocol and community experience.

Attached to this submission is the link to all Twitter(X) related activities:

Thanks for your contributions in May. The incentive for May will be 300U. Hope you can participate in executing community campaigns next.

Hey, kelvin, just checked with the team. The communication and connection with DragonSwap were handled by a team member, and further discussions with SEI were conducted by me in the group. I reviewed the logs on TG and Discord; it seems there are no activity records from you on Discord, and very few on TG. If you cannot provide new contribute proof, you won’t receive your reward for May.

Hey, mercy, thanks for your contributions in May, I think the focus moving forward should be on expanding LSaaS partnerships by seeking new Layer1 collaborations and emphasize the introduction and usage of the LSaaS App in your content. At last, the incentive for May will be 450 FIS.

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Hey, Sanchez, thanks for your contributions in May, I think your focus, like Mercy’s, should be on expanding LSaaS partnerships by seeking new Layer1 collaborations. Emphasize the introduction and usage of the LSaaS App in your content. The incentive for May will be 750 FIS.

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