I want resolving wedged deals and rewards

Hello Stafi community,

I am having some issues related to staking on the Stafi network, so I am reaching you and I am hoping to get some guidance from people who may have encountered analogous problems or have further experience. Right now I Learn Golang and Below I have epitomized the issues.
I am facing Some of my staking deals are getting wedged. I initiated a staking sale a many days ago Is there a common cause for this, and how can I resolve these wedged deals? I have read about occasional network performance issues. Are these contributing to the problems I am passing? If so, what way can I take to minimize their impact on my staking conditioning?
Are there any stylish practices or tips for staking on the Stafi network to avoid these problems in the future? For illustration, should I use specific holdalls or tools to insure smooth deals and prices computations?
I would appreciate any backing by the community. Thank you in adwance