Rangers Program - June 2023 Report

Rangers Program - June 2023 Report

StaFi Rangers Program is the foundation of Twitter engagements and interactions of StaFi Ecosystem Official Twitter accounts and are measured from Twitter Analytics data per account with its corresponding Twitter Impressions.

Raw Analytics Data:


  1. A slight decrease in @StaFi_Protocol account in Twitter engagements by 9.82%, while having an increase of 951 new followers compared to the previous month.

  2. @StaFiHub_ on the other hand saw an increase of Twitter engagements by 22.93% while losing a minimal amount of 45 followers.

  3. @rDEX_Finance however had a stellar performance with 68% increase in Twitter engagements with an additional 343 new followers this month of June. Raw data shows that we are on a 7 month streak in new followers for rDEX.

StaFi Rangers Credit Balance (June-2023)

Credit Balance Sheet:

A total of 749 $FIS has been exchanged for the StaFi Credits accumulated for the month of June-2023 for existing StaFi Rangers. 730 $FIS of which were for our Active Rangers that will continue through the month of July, while 19 $FIS will come as a separation pay for 1 Ranger that had been removed during the month of June-2023 due to inactivity. The available $FIS remaining to be carried over to for the next month total is 1443.5 $FIS.

During the Month of June, the StaFi Rangers on-boarding team had tried to acquire 5 more Rangers to join the program, after much deliberation and consideration there were 3 who had entered the program for a week as Probationary Rangers. However they haven’t been able to perform actively and have been removed from the program.

We have noticed a decrease in the StaFi Credit disbursement this month, this means that the current Rangers participation in the tasks are relatively lower than usual. We currently have a total of 13 Rangers on the program and will continue to monitor the prospects from the next batch of applicants.

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