Rangers Program - May 2023 Report

Rangers Program - May 2023 Report

StaFi Rangers Program is the foundation of Twitter engagements and interactions of StaFi Ecosystem Official Twitter accounts and are measured from Twitter Analytics data per account with its corresponding Twitter Impressions.

Raw Analytics Data: StaFi Twitter Analytics Data - Google Tabellen


  1. The @StaFi_Protocol account decreased about 31.89% in engagements and down by 72 followers compared to the previous month. There are multiple factors that affect these engagement numbers, however we can cite an important contributor to this decrease in engagements. Based on the Raw data, StaFi’s Main twitter account has only outputted 40 Tweets within the month of May which is only 33% of the total tweets that were sent out the previous month (April with 120 tweet count). Considering the tweet per engagement ratio based on the total count we can conclude that even though May data is low, the low tweet count contributed to its decrease.
  2. @StaFiHub_ on the other hand saw an increase of Twitter engagements by 85% while losing a minimal amount of 21 followers. The $rSWTH Incentive Campaign based on the Tweets data proved to be the contributor to this increase.
  3. On the other hand a slight increase of 6.6% in @rDEX_Finance Twitter Impressions, while also having onboarded another 187 new followers within this month. Raw data shows that we are on a 6 month streak in new followers for rDEX.

StaFi Rangers Credit Balance (May-2023)

Credit Balance Sheet: StaFi Rangers Credit Balance - Google Tabellen

A total of 865 $FIS has been exchanged for the StaFi Credits accumulated for the month of May-2023 for existing StaFi Rangers. 800 $FIS of which were for our Active Rangers that will continue through the month of June, while 65 $FIS will come as a separation pay for the Rangers that will be exiting by the end of May-2023. The available $FIS remaining to be carried over to for the next month total is 1192.5 $FIS.

Considering the overall market conditions in a macro perspective the month of May was considered an uncertain time for the markets in which our users/followers may have had decreased interest in some narratives including the LSDs. However, StaFi still continues to improve its services for its users as well as launching campaigns to help the user onboarding process. In addition to this a total of 4 Rangers were added to the Rangers Program in the 4th week of May as probationary rangers to compensate for the loss of 3 Rangers through inactivity and voluntary exit. We now have a total of 14 Active Rangers on the program.

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