StaFi Community Call for December #9

:date: Date: 8am UTC, December 7th, 2023
:speech_balloon: Topic: StaFi rLaunchpad - Enhancing rToken Development Sustainably
:round_pushpin: Venue:


  1. Sara: Recap on October & November progress / Key targets for December
  2. Olivia: StaFi DAO Monthly Report
  3. Shirley: Products and Business Development / Introduction to StaFi rLaunchpad.
  4. Signal: StaFi DAO Phase1 Prospects
  5. Tore: Insights on StaFi Technical DAO
  6. Free Q&A Session

Join us for our StaFi Community Call this December! It鈥檚 a great chance for everyone, new or regular, to learn more about StaFi, especially about our new rLaunchpad. Have questions about StaFi rETH or the StaFi DAO? Post them here before the meeting, and we鈥檒l answer them in our Q&A.

We really want to hear from you at the meeting. Your ideas help us grow and improve. See you there!

A recording of Community Call for October can be found on Youtube:

Highlights of The StaFi Community Call for November #9

Recap & Key Target in December Community Report (Sara)

  • Recap in the past 2 months 1.Chainlink CCIP and Automation For Cross-Chain Liquid Staking 2.SSV DVT Integration for rETH Mainnet Launch 3.StaFi Website Revamped 6.Proposal to Remove Redundant Bridges on the rBridge 7.Proposal to Remove rDOT and rKSM from StaFiChain, Migrate rSOL to Solana 8.Liquidity Incentive on some DEXes
  • Key Targets in the coming month 1.DAO Involvement on Technical and Managerial Aspects 2.rLaunchpad Implementation 3.Refine the FIS Economic Model 4.Existing rTokens Transition
  • Community progress 1.StaFi Warrior Program Changes Summary 2.New StaFi Social Media Channels

StaFi DAO Bimonthly Report-Oct&Nov (Olivia)

  • Protocol Revenue- Growing continuesly, with a upturn in Nov on the growth rate
  • DeFi Liquidity Incentives- Some changes were made: QuickSwap replace Kyber, SSV & Chainlink intergration and incentive to rATOM/ATOM on Osmosis
  • Community Incentives- StaFi needs you if you鈥檙e the one who really care about it
  • Treasury FIS Staking- the FIS in treasury now is staking in phases
  • DAO Progress- work on strengthening StaFi鈥檚 decentralization, some proposals are released & passed

Product & Collaboration Recap (Shirley)

  • Product WorkLSD Architecture
  1. StaFi Website Revamped
  2. Proposal to Remove rDOT and rKSM from StaFiChain, Migrate rSOL to Solana
  3. [Discussion Draft] StaFi Restaking Proposal 路 rLaunchpad
  4. Product design & development, DAO governance flow 路 Decentralization and Security
  5. SSV DVT Integration for rETH Mainnet Launch
  • Collaborations and Campaigns28 rtoken Pairs In 16 DEXs, 9 Chains rBNB-BNB LP Vault Launched on Beefy Finance 路 StaFi New Campaigns rATOM/ATOM & FIS/ATOM Pools on Osmosis rETH Farming Campaign 路 TimeSwap鈥檚 X Space AMAObol AMA

StaFi rLaunchpad Introduction (Shirley)

  • Key Process

  • Community Voting

  • Development Evaluation

  • Development and Launch

  • Incentivization Programs

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Benefits

  • Community-driven: FIS token holders have direct influence on ecosystem expansion.

  • Decentralized: Transparent voting process ensures community participation.

  • Sustainable: Encourages long-term growth and development of the StaFi ecosystem.

StaFi DAO Phase1 Prospects (Signal)

  • Voting power: Grant voting rights to FIS/rFIS holders for decision-making
  • Financial Transparency: Improved Treasury and Fee Visibility
  • Brand: New webpage

Insights on StaFi Technical DAO (Tore)

  • Types
  1. Management type: Assets Management(including Protocol Fee Management), Parameters of Protocol Contract Management, Contract upgrade Management.
  2. Technical type: Running off-chain services as relayers.
  • Development
  1. Multi-signature tool based on StaFi chain - On-going
  2. rETH relay service based on StaFi techinical DAO management - Coming

When do you move to multi-signature for owner of your some contracts?
Now your some proxy or token contracts (rToken or beacon chain withdrawal contract) have single owner who can rewrite all of contract, who is not multi-sig.
I鈥檓 concerned about private key leak and hope ASAP you will move to multi-sig.