StaFi Community Call for February #10

:date: Date: 8am UTC, February 6th, 2024
:speech_balloon: Topic: The rToken Listing in Full Swing
:round_pushpin: Venue:


  1. Sara: Recap on December 2023 & January 2024 progress / Key targets for February / StaFi Community Report
  2. Olivia: StaFi DAO Monthly Report
  3. Shirley: Products and Business Development
  4. Signal: The insights/discussion regarding on the rToken listing proposals from the community on rLaunchpad.
  5. Tore: The technical research and implementation methods for these rTokens currently being received from the community.
  6. Free Q&A Session

Whether you’re new to StaFi or a long-time member, we warmly welcome everyone. This‘s a good opportunity to delve deeper into the StaFi rLaunchpad, interact directly with our dedicated team, and share your invaluable feedback and innovative ideas.

Do you have questions about StaFi rLaunchpad, these rToken listing proposals or LST’s? Please post it in this thread prior to the event, and we’ll ensure it’s addressed during our Q&A session.

We’re immensely eager to engage with you during the meeting! Your insights and perspectives are pivotal in enhancing our collective understanding and driving our continuous evolution. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Another opportunity to get massive insights from the Core team and devs.

Don’t fade or snooze StaFinauts. Endeavor to set reminders. :alarm_clock:

If the fee station still works [StaFi Hub App], I hope we can integrate it in the rToken app. Some community members are finding it hard to get $FIS in cosmos eco for gas fees.

A recording of Community Call for February 2024 can be found on Youtube:

Highlights of The StaFi Community Call for February #10

Recap & Key Target in Jan. Community Report (Sara)

Recap in the past 2 months

  • Beta version of the StaFi Multisig App Launched
  • SIP-9 rSOL Migration to Solana
  • The migration of StaFiHub to Neutron
  • StaFi rLaunchpad Program released and the Proposals for rLaunchpad New rToken Listing

Community progress

  • StaFi Warrior Page Revamped
  • Some role openings for passionate individual

Key Targets in the coming month

  • The selection of new LSD token listings in the rLaunchpad program
  • Advance the StaFi rebrand and products in StaFi 2.0
  • Multisig management
  • Incentive management.
  • The removal of rDOT, rKSM 6.StaFiHub Migration to Neutron

StaFi DAO Monthly Report (Olivia)

  • DAO treasury revenue and expenditure from Dec 2023 to Jan 2024
  1. DeFi liquidity incentives
  2. Integration services fee
  3. Community incentives
  • Updates on Treasury FIS staking
  • DAO progress from Dec 2023 to Jan 2024

Product & Collaboration Recap (Shirley)

Product Work

  • LSD Architecture
  1. Migrate StaFiHub to Neutron 2. StaFi FIS Burn Mechanism
  • rLaunchpad
  1. Product design & development, DAO governance flow
  • Decentralization and Security
  1. StaFi Multisig App launched Beta version
  2. rSOL Migration, redundant bridges removal

Collaborations and Campaigns

  • 28 rtoken Pairs In 16 DEXs, 9 Chains · StaFi New Campaigns
  • StaFi New Campaigns
  1. rETH Farming Campaign
  2. StaFi & SSV Co-Incentive Program — Round 1
  3. rETH lending/borrowing pool on TimeSwap rMATIC/MATIC Farming Campaign on QuickSwap
  4. rATOM/ATOM & FIS/ATOM Pools on Osmosis

rLaunchpad Listing Insights (Signal)

Lanchapad season 1

  • listing proposal(11): rAVAX, rINJ, rSUI, rFTM, rNEAR, rMETIS, rASTR, rSEI, rBGT, rXPLA, rMANTA
  • from comunity(7): rFTM, rNEAR, rMETIS, rASTR, rSEI, rBGT, rXPLA
  • from partner(2): rMETIS, rMANTA
  • vote time: from 6 Feb to 13 Feb

rLaunchpad Technical Research (Tore)


  • rSUI: DPOS, SIP#6
  • rMETIS: Sequencer Node Staking Derivative
  • rNEAR: Staking Pool Contract
  • rMANTA: Layer1 & Layer2(EVM)
  • rSEI & rINJ & rXPLA: Cosmos-SDK, CosmWasm
  • rASTR: Substrate
  • rFTM: Fantom Pool contract


  • rAVAX: Multi-chain, Cross-chain
  • rBGT: Non transferable