StaFi Community Call for June #6

We are excited to announce that the 6th StaFi Community Call has been scheduled for June!

Topic: DVT Integration into StaFi LSTs
Date: 8AM UTC, 1st June 2023


1.Progress Recap and April Targets
2.Community Speech
3.Product Updates
4.Insights on DVT Integration for StaFi LSTs
5.Q&A and Open Discussion

All community members are welcome to join us on this call. It presents a great opportunity for you to learn more about StaFi and our products, interact with the team, and share your feedback and suggestions.

If you have any questions about StaFi, StaFi LSTs, and/or the DVT integration, please feel free to ask them in advance by replying to this thread. We will do our best to answer them during the meeting.

We can’t wait to see you at the meeting and hear your thoughts!

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The Highlights of StaFi Protocol’s Team And Community Monthly Meeting for June #6

At the StaFi Community Meeting on June 1st, 2023, we discussed the achievements in April and May and our goals for June and July, keeping our community informed of all the most recent developments and the progress in both product development and collaboration.

Meeting Summary

Progress Recap and June Targets (Sara):
Sara discussed the progress made in the past two months, including product development and collaborations with DeFi protocols. The rETH withdrawal feature is now online, and the slow mode for withdrawal has been implemented. StaFi is exploring new opportunities, such as solutions for rSD that focus on EVM compatibility. Also, StaFi is researching multi-wallet components to enhance the user experience. The team has proposed a signal proposal for the integration of SSV activity for the rETH solution. For June and July, our main goal is the integration of SSV for the rETH solution and exploring the Cosmos ecosystem.

Community Speech (Adam):
Adam announced the launch of the new StaFi DAO Community governance platform. New categories for various topics were established, including grants proposals, research, community discussions, and guides. StaFi has onboarded four new rangers and is continuously looking for fresh, enthusiastic Twitter influencers to promote StaFi. They have also made a strategic decision to focus their Twitter handle more on product updates, integrations, and explorations.

Product Updates (Shirley):
Shirley discussed the recent product and collaboration updates. StaFi has finished testing and auditing the rETH withdrawal function and is preparing to open the speedy mode. They are developing a new version of the StaFi rToken app for both website and mobile. StaFi is also working on security and decentralization, including the integration of DVT. They have also integrated with Token Terminal and developed their on-page for rTokens.

New Warrior & Ambassador Introduction (Ambassador):
Two new ambassadors; Charles, and Sanchez, were introduced. They shared their experiences and contributions to the StaFi community, including content creation, infographics, and promoting StaFi across various platforms.

Insights on DVT integrations into StaFi LSTs (Signal):
Signal gave a detailed presentation on DVT integrations into StaFi LSTs. He discussed the risks and problems with traditional validator clients and how DVT solves these issues. He also discussed the benefits and challenges of DVT and how StaFi plans to integrate DVT into its protocol.

Q&A and Open Discussion:
The team answered questions from the community, mainly focusing on the interoperability between the Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems and how StaFi achieves this. They also discussed their plans for the new integration.

The StaFi’s Community Call for August is now live on Youtube:

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It was a great call and it is a real pleasure to see the team once again, who are constantly explaining the progress of StaFi

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