StaFi Community Call for October #8

Set sail with us for the 8th StaFi Community Call this October! Just as navigators chart new territories, our session promises to explore uncharted innovations, milestones, and the vibrant heartbeat of our community.

:date: Date: 8am UTC, October 10th, 2023
:speech_balloon: Topic: Decentralizing Ethereum Staking & Advancing StaFi DAO
:round_pushpin: Venue:


  1. Progress Recap and October/November Targets
  2. Community Speech
  3. StaFi DAO Monthly Report
  4. Product and Business Development Updates
  5. Insights into the Development of StaFi DAO
  6. Efforts on Decentralizing Ethereum Staking
  7. Q&A and Open Discussion

Whether you’re new to StaFi or a long-time member, we warmly welcome everyone. This is your golden opportunity to delve deeper into the StaFi ecosystem, interact directly with our dedicated team, and share your invaluable feedback and innovative ideas.

Do you have a question about StaFi rETH, LST’s or StaFi DAO? Please post it in this thread prior to the event, and we’ll ensure it’s addressed during our Q&A session.

We’re immensely eager to engage with you during the meeting! Your insights and perspectives are pivotal in enhancing our collective understanding and driving our continuous evolution. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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A recording of Community Call for October can be found on Youtube:

Highlights of The StaFi Community Call for October #8

1. Progress Recap and October/November Targets (Sara):

  • Recap:
    • Continued optimization and version updates for StaFi rToken App.
    • Merged rToken App launched integrating StaFi Chain & StaFiHub.
    • UI/UX streamlined; one-click DeFi for all rTokens, real-time rewards monitoring, and Wallet Connect feature added for wallet support (e.g., MetaMask, Rabby, Ledger, Keplr, PolkadotJs, Phantom).
    • Integration of rMATIC and rBNB into Mobile StaFi rToken App for staking MATIC & BNB directly.
    • Advanced DVT integration for $ETH liquid staking on Ethereum Goerli testnet with a Bug Bounty program.
    • Participation in ObolNetwork’s Alpha Mainnet and partnership with Tidal Finance for Validator Slashing Insurance.
    • Cosmos LSM supported on mainnet for direct ATOM liquid staking.
  • Future Targets:
    • Enhance rToken architecture, advance DAO and FIS Tokenomics.
    • Explore technologies for decentralizing Ethereum Staking, notably through StaFi rETH.
    • Reference to 2023Q4 roadmap for more details on upcoming initiatives.

2. Community Speech (Adam):

  • Updated Warrior, Ambassador, and Ranger Programs focusing on identifying Mint Channels and engaging with Professionally Generated Content (PGC).
  • Encouraged collaborations with influencers, thought leaders, and platforms for educational outreach.
  • Introduced new social media channels: Reddit, LinkedIn, and Substack for increasing StaFi’s visibility and community engagement.
  • Launched community incentives for staking, bug bounties, and liquidity incentives on various platforms to encourage participation and reward the community.

3. StaFi DAO Monthly Report (Olivia):

  • Financial updates showing revenue fluctuations and increased total revenue for all rTokens, with a focus on revenue from rETH, rFIS, and rHUAHUA.
  • Liquidity and community incentives designed to promote engagement with StaFi services and reward meaningful contributions to StaFi’s development.
  • Governance and transparency actions like governance framework discussion draft, proposal website construction, and research on off-chain voting undertaken.
  • Update on StaFi Warrior program and liquidity incentive budget plan for October mentioned, with a reference to a detailed post to be released next month.

4. Product and Business Development Updates (Shirley):

  • LSD Architecture Merging:
    • Merged StaFi rToken app with LSD architecture to create a unified and user-friendly experience.
    • Encouraged community to test the application and provide feedback via Telegram for any queries.
  • Mobile App Updates:
    • Integration of rMATIC, rBNB, and rETH into the mobile StaFi rToken app, facilitating easy staking and rewards tracking on mobile platforms.
    • Future integration of more wallets for rATOM to enhance user experience, especially for those familiar with mobile platforms.
    • Launched Cosmos LSM on rToken App, allowing users to stake ATOM and earn rewards without the need to unstake.
  • Security Enhancements:
    • Partnership with Tidal Finance to incorporate validator slashing insurance for Ethereum, protecting users from financial losses due to validator slashing.
  • Decentralization Efforts:
    • Progress with SSV and DVT (Distributed Validator Technology) implementations, having completed the first phase of testing.
    • Participation in Obol Network’s alpha mainnet as one of the first batch partners for Obol DVT integration, furthering decentralization efforts for rTokens.
  • Market Strategy Amid Bear Market:
    • Despite the bear market, successful campaigns and new partnerships have been forged.
    • Over 11 rToken pairs listed on 18 DEXes across 9 chains, with new protocols and DeFi yields integrated (e.g., Wombat, Timeswap, Kyberswap, and Magpie).
    • New pools specifically for rBNB token and campaigns such as rETH and rATOM Mint Campaigns launched to attract more users from the Cosmos chain.
  • Chainlink CCIP Integration:
    • Announced cooperation and integration with Chainlink’s CCIP (Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol) to facilitate better staking rates.
    • CCIP enables secure cross-chain liquid staking, transmitting rates from Ethereum to Arbitrum, Polygon, and other Layer 2s, marking a significant step towards secure cross-chain liquid staking.

5. Insights into the Development of StaFi DAO (Signal):

  • Discussion on governance frameworks considering TVL distribution and potential migration of FIS tokens to ERC-20 if governed on Ethereum.
  • Introduction of StaFi Improvement Proposals (SIPs) for core protocol specifications, contract standards, and client APIs.
  • Mention of guardians for protocol security providing access control, contract management, and protocol parameter setting.

6. Efforts on Decentralizing Ethereum Staking (Tore):

  • Implementation of upgradeable smart contracts for non-custodial deposits and withdrawals, audited by PeckShield and Blocksec.
  • Public node operator registration allowing anyone to register as a solo validator with a self-stake requirement, aimed at reducing centralization risks.
  • DVT integration with SSV, rigorous testing on testnet, and plans for mainnet launch.
  • Future plans for integrating StaFi DAO management as the DAO is gradually established, with the DAO controlling contract upgrades, parameter updates, and service operations.

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