StaFi DAO Monthly Report - July 2023

It’s time to start a seperate monthly report for StaFi DAO.

There is no argument that the StaFi protocol is solidly moving forward, and StaFi DAO is showing a strength in it that is hard to ignore. At the same time, more diverse and creative community forces are continuing to pour into the StaFi ecosystem as the StaFi protocol grows. As exciting as it is, we realised that a monthly StaFi DAO newsletter should be on the agenda.

The goal of this initiative is to increase the transparency of the StaFi DAO and encourage more community forces to actively participate in the governance of the StaFi protocol.

In the Monthly Report, StaFi DAO will disclose StaFi’s financial situation and the relevant progress of StaFi DAO on a monthly basis.

DAO Treasury

Protocol Revenue

StaFi charges a commission ranging from 5% to 10% from different LSD, and an additional redemption fee may apply. These fees will be sent to the treasury pool as protocol revenue.

The following table shows the revenue of StaFi Protocol in June and July 2023 for each month. You can get more detailed data on StaFi’s data analysis page.

2023.06 2.34 271.54 0.55 56.95 12,844.78 3,222,714.00 15,491.22 22,650.01 31.68 0.35
2023.07 3.29 192.34 0.02 56.95 12,887.17 2,369,268.00 13,260.89 22,862.46 16.20 0.28

DeFi Liquidity Incentives

During the month of July, we provided a total of 211,153 FIS in liquidity incentives to three trading pairs, rMATIC/MATIC, rBNB/BNB, rETH/ETH, and one token, rETH on various platforms such as balancer, yearn, curve, and pendle.

DeFi Protocol Chain Token/Pairs Platform type Reward-FIS
2023/07 Quickswap Polygon rMATIC/MATIC DEX 10,000.00
2023/07 Yearn Ethereum rETH Yield 1,980.00
2023/07 Aura Ethereum rETH/ETH DEX 90,000.00
2023/07 Thena BSC rBNB/BNB DEX 5,500.00
2023/07 Equilibria Ethereum rETH/ETH Yield 8,284.00
2023/07 Curve Ethereum rETH/ETH DEX 60,303.00
2023/07 Kyber Polygon rETH/ETH DEX 12,429.00
2023/07 Kyber Polygon rMATIC/MATIC DEX 12,429.00
2023/07 Wombat BSC rBNB/BNB DEX 1,000.00
2023/07 Velodrome Optimism rETH/ETH DEX 2,428.00
2023/07 Penpie Ethereum rETH/ETH Yield 6,800.00

Community Incentives

The StaFi DAO has always valued the power of the community, and every month the StaFi treasury allocates a portion of its funds to reward community members for their support. In the month of July, a total of 20,758.47 FIS was awarded to ambassadors, administrators, Warrior Star, Rangers and other community members.

Category Member Reward-FIS
2023.07 Ambassador 4 2,194.51
2023.07 Moderator 6 16,209.48
2023.07 Warrior Star 2 1,000.00
2023.07 Rangers 14 749.00
2023.07 rBNB Bug Bounty 2 382.41
2023.07 Bot Service - 223.07

DAO Progress

In order to create a good environment for the development of StaFi Protocol, a reasonable, standardised and orderly governance model is necessary, and after a long period of exploration and research, the standardisation of the StaFi DAO is now underway. The following are some of the progress of StaFi DAO regularisation:

  • The StaFi Governance Framework is being designed, and StaFi Improvement Proposals (SIP) will be a key focus.
  • The proposal process has been redesigned and will be updated soon.
  • The off-chain voting tool has been researched and will be in the technical development phase.

This is all from the StaFi DAO July Monthly Report. Afterwards, StaFi DAO will keep you updated every month, welcome to look forward to us, join us, and become us