StaFi Hosts First-Ever Meeting With Its Moderators and Community Members

Following the need to foster team and community spirit, the StaFi core team announced the beginning of a monthly meeting with its community to fill them in with updates within the StaFi ecosystem.

In the first meeting held on December 1st, 2022, the StaFi core team, moderators, and community members were in attendance. The meeting was hosted by Blank Lee – one of StaFi’s Core Developers.


The primary purpose of this Community call is to share monthly targets and recap last month’s work from everyone to reach a consensus for our future. It is necessary to have everyone’s progress and communication between community members and how we could work better together. This meeting was prepared just a week ago.


Delighted to see everyone and hope to see more people in the future. The core team is confident to survive the whole bear market. We believe in what StaFi has created and become over the past 2 years.

The vision of StaFi, which is to help liquidity-staked assets securely and safely, has remained unchanged. We know that some people may have been affected by the recent market, however, the core team will keep on developing according to our plans.

StaFi prospects for the future were mentioned:

  • Optimize the staking process

  • Increase efficiency of rToken

  • Create more use cases for rTokens

  • & more

Appreciation goes to all moderators and community members for their hard work so far.

Let’s build StaFi together.


StaFi’s progress in November was explained in great detail which includes:

  • Focus on StaFiHub and rETH Upgrade

  • BD Work: Building user scenarios for rTokens (Comdex, WhiteWhale, Kujira)

  • Community Building

  • Warriors (Mods, Ambassadors, Rangers)

  • DAO Governance

  • Campaigns Design


  • rETH Stakers Campaign

The market seems stable enough to continue releasing community campaigns that aim to maximize $FIS outreach and marketing across platforms.

The community of Cosmos will also be given a chance to be awarded $FIS tokens in the future.

Main Work In December

  • StaFiHub Integrations (increase use cases)

  • Community & DAO Building (engagements)

  • Campaigns Release


  • rETH Staker’s Campaign (TBD)


Current Developments

rToken app for rETH has been optimized and are looking to optimize additional other tokens such as rMATIC rBNB products on the rTOKEN app, UI/UX improvements

The StaFi Warrior program page is being created which will include all Warriors to further deepen community connections and outreach.

We welcome everyone to share their feedback, especially regarding UI/UX improvements, so we may implement them accordingly.

The Moderators & Ambassadors of StaFi introduced themselves


Adam - Telegram Community Moderator

AlphaTower - Discord Community Moderator

Miracle - StaFi Twitter Moderator

Aniel - StaFiHub Forum Moderator

Dayal - StaFi Testing Moderator






The community meeting turned out to be a great one as the core team, moderators, and ambassadors expressively discussed various areas of StaFi’s ecosystem and the updates.

You can find the recording, now available on StaFi’s Youtube.

StaFi Community Meeting - December 2022 - YouTube

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