StaFi Warriors Contribution Submission & Assessment - August 2023

Hello, StaFi Warriors and Ambassadors!

As we bid farewell to the month of August, we are once again in awe of the passion, dedication, and relentless drive each one of you brings to the StaFi ecosystem. Your contributions have been the cornerstone of our success, and we can’t wait to hear all about the incredible work you’ve done this month!

:memo: Share Your August Journey:
We invite you to light up the comments section with a summary of your contributions for August. Whether it’s design work, Twitter campaigns, integration collaborations, or any other remarkable achievements, we want to hear it all! Remember, the more detailed you are, the better we can celebrate and reward your efforts.

:tada: Rewards & Recognition:
Your hard work never goes unnoticed. As part of our Warriors Program, we’ll be acknowledging and rewarding standout contributions. So, don’t hold back—let the community know about your August adventures!

:link: Stay Updated:
For those new to our community or if you’re looking to dive deeper into our programs, check out the links below to learn more about the StaFi Warriors and Rangers Programs:

In conclusion, a massive THANK YOU for your unwavering commitment and for being the heartbeat of the StaFi ecosystem. Your efforts are shaping our future, and together, we’re on a journey to even greater heights!

Cheers to more milestones and memories! :clinking_glasses:

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My journey as a new StaFi Ambassador was great in my books, with exposure on LSDs and internal works of StaFi protocol, here is a link showing report on my August contribution.
Jagwa’s August report

Telegram ID: @AlphaTower
Discord ID: AlphaTower#0156
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details
Month: August 2023

Contributions are as follows:

  1. Completed the “StaFi Discord Server Restructure” based on the Core Team’s instructions. Changes and updates for channels, categories, and contents are listed below:
  • Removed AMA category and Stage Channel.
  • Moved the AMA recordings channel to Announcements Category
  • Updated the Info and FAQs Category:
    –Updated the Official Links channel contents
    –Added StaFi Staker Guide channel and added it’s contents
    –Added StaFi Validator Guide channel and added it’s contents
    –Added rDEX Liquidity Guides
  • Added rToken Category and channels for Stake, Bridge, and Defi Integrations
  • Added Developer Category and channels for EVM LSD, Cosmos LSD, and SUI/Aptos
  • Added Validators Category and channels StaFiHub Validator, StaFi chain Validator, and Eth Validator
  • Updated Ambassadors and Rangers Category
    –Added Ambassadors Channels for Announcement and Chat
  • Updated StaFi Global community Category
    –Added Hindi and Arabic channels
  • Removed miscellaneous channels such as Memes, Food, etc.
  1. Program Manager for StaFi Rangers Program as the main responsible for the management and assessment work of all the StaFi Rangers. A daily a assessement and rewards with respect to StaFi Twitter account for Twitter engagements. A weekly assessment and reward for Rangers task on Twitter promotional activities.
    Twitter engagements Rangers Proof Link: Discord
    Twitter Promotional Rangers Progress Link: Discord
  • Encouraged the Rangers to support 2 Twitter “X” AMA’s during this month. 1) Twitter Space AMA with MC²Fi with 6 Ranger Attendees and 2) Twitter Space AMA with Timeswap with 7 Ranger Attendees
  • One of the highlights of this month is that the StaFi Core Team had promoted a Ranger (Namely: Michael Emezinem “a.k.a. Jagwa”) to a Warrior ambassador which is a product by the Rangers program
  1. Maintained and monitored the StaFi Credit balance sheet for all the StaFi Rangers for the month of August.
    Credit Balance Sheet: StaFi Rangers Credit Balance - Google Tabellen

  2. Published StaFi Rangers Program July 2023 Report: Rangers Program - July 2023 Report

  3. Help keep the community members engaged with the StaFi Discord server as well as provide relevant information if and when needed, especially answering queries and support tickets. Supported the server with very quick response to help community members reach Technical support if and when needed.

  4. Supervise the Announcement channel and for StaFi Project Updates channel for August Progress.
    Announcement Link: Discord
    Project Updates Link: Discord

Sylvester Ajuka
Telegram ID: @Sanches_IQ
Discord ID: Sanchez IQ
Twitter ID: @Kvng_aries
Month: August 2023

Contributions are as follows:
This report summarizes my activities and achievements as an Ambassador within/beyond the community, and demonstrates my commitment to promoting and advancing the StaFi products.

Twitter Activities
Throughout the month of August, I was active on Twitter, consistently sharing valuable, educative, Promotional and informative content in various formats. I shared tweets, graphics designs/infographics, videos, memes, GIFs, threads, and comments on LSD related posts from several influencers, Crypto news accounts and protocols. I also engaged with posts from the official StaFi Twitter account.

Here is a summary of my Twitter activities for the month of August:
• Educative and Promotional Threads:
• Retweets and likes
• Constructive comments and Quote tweets
• Promotional Video
• Memes/GIFs
• Designs and Infographics

Telegram and Discord Activities
In addition to my Twitter activities, I was also active in the StaFi Telegram and Discord group, engaging with members and sharing valuable insights on the usescases of StaFi’s rTokens. I engaged in conversations and provided support where necessary, helping to foster a positive and supportive community environment.

Through my Twitter, Discord, Telegram and offline activities, I have been able to promote the StaFi Protocol LSD products, share valuable insights, attend community calls and AMAs as well as engage with members of the community. I look forward to continuing to contribute and support the growth and development of the StaFi LSD Project.

Attached is the links to all my works and contributions for August 2023:

The month of August was a fufilling one on my part. The program just keeps getting better and better by the day. Here is my report for the month of August.

Summary of my work over August 2023

During August, I was focused to spread the word about StaFi on social media. I have done some tweets relating to the liquid Staking on StaFi. Quote some StaFi tweets and StaFiHub tweets. All the tweets include infographics, memes, and some educational Threads.
I also engaged with community members on Telegram and Discord by participating in discussions and providing support.
The links of all engagements are in the following Google Doc. Check here : StaFi August work - Google Docs

Telegram ID: @jupita606
Discord ID: mrrpiusz#4561
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details
Month: August 2023

Contributions are as follows:

  1. Drafted daily Tweets, Announcements, and Threads and designed Graphic Banners around recent updates and developments within the StaFi ecosystem.
  2. Created organic Twitter engagements by consistently commenting, retweeting, quote tweeting and engaging on posts relating to StaFi.
  3. Followed up on direct messages sent to the StaFi official Twitter handle.
  4. Consistently engaged several of the announcements with personal accounts.

Highlighted below are some of the links to my work for August:

Telegram ID: @cryptodoc04

Twitter ID: @_brownish6

Discord ID: CryptoDNA#7640

StaFi Contribution Details

Month: August 2023

  1. Twitter Threads

created insightful Twitter threads for Stafi Protocol. These threads focused on relevant topics and recent announcements and included relevant hashtags and mentions to increase engagement.

  1. Infographics

These infographics were designed to provide a visual representation of Stafi Protocol’s technology, recent announcements, product updates and more. The infographics were shared on Twitter and received a high level of engagement.

  1. Twitter Posts

In addition to Twitter threads and infographics, I created Twitter posts to promote Stafi . These posts included updates on the project’s development, news and events, and engaging content.

  1. Quote Tweets

The quote tweets were shared in response to relevant industry news and events and helped to increase Stafi Protocol’s visibility on Twitter.

Here is a link to my contribution:

Telegram ID: @aerovall
Discord ID: @aerovall
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details
Month: August 2023

Contributions are as follows:

  1. Background talks with more protocols that could be potential partner and can help on educating users on rTokens and StaFi as a whole
  2. Continue researching of protocols that can have mutual benefits with StaFi Protocol
  3. Precaution and updated team real time about exploit concerning partner protocols(E.g. Balancer)
  4. Attended Community Call

With continued bearish market sentiment we projected that it would be better to preserve liquidity and focus on educational partners and on educating community as well as potential users regarding on what benefits we can get as a whole using a LSD protocol.

StaFi Warriors August 2023 Contributions Update

As August draws to a close, it’s evident that the StaFi Warriors have continued their relentless pursuit of excellence, making significant contributions to the growth and evolution of the StaFi community. Their dedication and efforts have been instrumental in propelling the StaFi ecosystem forward. Let’s delve into the specifics of each team member’s contributions.

Jupiter, our Twitter Operator, consistently highlighted StaFi’s updates through daily tweets, announcements, and captivating graphic banners. His active engagement on Twitter, from retweets to addressing direct messages, amplified StaFi’s online presence.

AlphaTower, our community manager, revamped the StaFi Discord Server, ensuring a seamless experience for our members. He managed the StaFi Rangers, maintained their credit balance sheet, and released the “StaFi Rangers Program July 2023 Report,” keeping our community informed and engaged.

Kelvin, in business development, engaged in strategic talks with potential partners and remained vigilant, updating the team about potential risks with partner protocols. His participation in the Community Call further showcased his commitment to StaFi’s growth.

Our StaFi Ambassadors - Charles Ace, Delphino, Sanches_IQ, Jonathan, and Jagwa - have been invaluable. They’ve championed StaFi’s cause, promoting us through various platforms by sharing announcements, crafting content, and more.

The combined efforts of our Warriors and Ambassadors have fortified StaFi’s position in crypto. For a deeper dive into their contributions, read the the July StaFi Warrior Contribution report here: August 2023 StaFi Warriors Contribution Report