Rangers Program - July 2023 Report

Rangers Program - July 2023 Report

StaFi Rangers Program is the foundation of Twitter engagements and interactions of StaFi Ecosystem Official Twitter accounts and are measured from Twitter Analytics data per account with its corresponding Twitter Impressions.

Raw Analytics Data:


  1. A substantial increase in @StaFi_Protocol account in Twitter engagements by 59%, while having a decrease of 264 followers this month of July with an average of 3.8k views/engagements per Tweet.

  2. @StaFiHub_ on the other hand saw a decrease of both Twitter engagements by 33.7% and 89 followers. Despite this month’s result, it has been seen that the StaFiHub account only had an output of 19 tweets with an overall average of 4.6k views/engagements per Tweet.

  3. @rDEX_Finance however despite a 4.38% decrease in Twitter engagements it gained an additional 215 new followers this month of July with an 8 month streak in new followers.

StaFi Rangers Credit Balance (July-2023)

Credit Balance Sheet:


During the Month of July, the StaFi Rangers on-boarding team had onboarded and successfully oriented an additional StaFi Ranger Jagwa. He passed the probationary period and actively participated in Ranger Activities, he was onboarded during the 1st week of July.

StaFi consolidated & streamlined development efforts by merging @StaFiHub_ and @rDEX_Finance with StaFi Protocol. All future Twitter Engagement Tasks will be posted on @StaFi_Protocol as of July 31st in commitment to enhancing operational efficiency & reinforcing brand identity of StaFi.

Implemented a new monthly $FIS budget for the Rangers Program increased from 1000 $FIS to 1500 $FIS. Together with the new computation for StaFi Credits exchange for each Ranger’s contribution. (Reference:https://discord.com/channels/724473389913473616/1048553113189097522/1133359741091991624⁠)

Rangers $FIS = (Ranger’s Exchanged Credits / Sum of all the Rangers Exchanged Credits)*1500

Prepared by:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EB_fifth
Discord: AlphaTower#0156
Telegram: @AlphaTower

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Our rangers could explore opportunities to improve our brand’s impression across multiple channels, not just limited to Twitter.

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@signal For now as we all know that Twitter or “X” is the social media hub of Web3 people. By multiple channels what do you mean? Or what do you intend to suggest? We are open for discussion as long as it can be monitored, quantifiable, and scalable for the purpose of collecting data/metrics that can be used for our cause.

Agreed, having the rangers promote our other socials such as reddit might be a great way to boost our engagements and could also bootstrap it.

As for the stats, seems the program has been improving in terms of engagements on the StaFi Main Handle, this is expected to increase further as we have disabled posting on rDEX and StaFiHub, allowing the rangers to focus all their efforts in promoting a single account.

Will look into it and will contact the team members knowledgeable with reddit. Hopefully we can get metrics that can be used to track the progress.