StaFi Warriors Contribution Submission & Assessment - May 2023

StaFi Warriors and Ambassadors, your contributions in May have been pivotal in propelling our mission and objectives forward. From product development to new collaborations, we’ve made substantial progress in various areas. We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm, and kindly ask you to share a summary of your contributions over the past month in the comments section.

We’ve made remarkable progress in several areas, including the launch of the rETH withdrawal feature, the proposal for the integration of SSV activity for the rETH solution, and the exploration of the Cosmos ecosystem. Our commitment to enhancing user experience and accessibility has led to the development of the rETH Slow & Speedy modes, mobile version of the StaFi rToken app and the integration of DVT for security and decentralization.

We’re also excited to announce that a new StaFi Twitter Operator as well as two new ambassadors, Charles, and Sanchez, joined our team in May. We believe their addition will help us uncover new partnership opportunities, expand our ecosystem, and ultimately fuel the growth of our platform.

Please provide as much detail as possible, such as links to your design work, Twitter activity, integration collaborations, and any other significant achievements. Your efforts will be recognized and rewarded accordingly.

To learn more about our StaFi Warriors and Rangers Programs, click on the links below:

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Warriors Contribution May
Name: Charles Ace
Twitter: @Charlesace_
Telegram: @Charlesace
Discord: Charles ace#1055

Work Summary.
This month was my first full month as a Warrior and I must say it was a fullfilling one. I’m indeed glad for the opportunity given. Now for my contributions for the month, I’ll list them down here:

  • Creating Twitter Posts
  • Creating graphics to enhance the quality of my twitter posts
  • Made a video to preview our new DAO Forum
  • Wrote an article
  • Replied to Influencers posts relating to LSDs and DeFi

Here are links to all my works

Hey! I’m Jay, the StaFi Forum guy! :blush:

The Month of May was an interesting month for me, as StaFi Protocol moved from the Commonwealth Forum to the Discourse DAO Forum.

In the case of the new DAO Forum, I migrated significant numbers of content from the old StaFi Protocol and StaFiHub DAO Forums to the new Forum, updated most of the old content to meet the recent integrations and arranged them in a manner instructed by the team.

I oversee the majority of the activities that went down in the Forum community, I accepted requests from new members into the Forum and also attended to a few proposals from members.

I drafted the StaFi June Community Call announcement thread.

You can find every other activity here in the Forum.

Let’s build StaFi together! :handshake:

Nsikak Joseph Jonathan

Telegram ID: @cryptodoc04

Twitter ID: @_brownish6

Discord ID: CryptoDNA#7640

Monthly Summary Report:


This report provides an overview of the promotional and educational content created for Stafi Protocol during the month of May 2023. As a content creator, my primary focus was on creating insightful Twitter threads, infographics, Twitter posts, and quote tweets to promote Stafi Protocol.

Twitter Threads

Throughout the month, I created insightful Twitter threads for Stafi Protocol. These threads focused on relevant topics and recent announcements. Each thread consisted of 5-10 tweets and included relevant hashtags and mentions to increase engagement.


I created infographics for Stafi Protocol in May 2023. These infographics were designed to provide a visual representation of Stafi Protocol’s technology, its benefits, and how it compares to other blockchain projects. The infographics were shared on Twitter and received a high level of engagement.

Twitter Posts

In addition to Twitter threads and infographics, I created Twitter posts to promote Stafi Protocol. These posts included updates on the project’s development, news and events, and engaging content to increase brand awareness.

Quote Tweets

Finally, I created several quote tweets during May 2023. These tweets were designed to highlight Stafi Protocol’s technology, its benefits, and its progress. The quote tweets were shared in response to relevant industry news and events and helped to increase Stafi Protocol’s visibility on Twitter.


Overall, the month of May 2023 was a successful month for Stafi Protocol’s Twitter engagement. Through the use of insightful Twitter threads, infographics, Twitter posts, and quote tweets, I was able to increase awareness of the project and engage with the community. I look forward to continuing to create engaging content for Stafi Protocol in the coming months.

Here is a link to my contribution:

Hi! Am Delphino, StaFi ambassador

Twitter : @delkind26
Telegram : delkind26
Discord: delkind26#4043

My contribution for may

During May month, I have been focused on spreading the word about StaFi by sharing all related news on social media. I have quoted some StaFi and StaFiHub tweets to bring more visibility to all StaFi accounts on Twitter and make some engagements on Forum.

Here is the summary of my work:

Sylvester Ajuka
Telegram ID: @Sanches_IQ
Discord ID: Sanchez IQ#4473
Twitter ID: @Kvng_aries
Month: May 2023

Contributions are as follows:
This report summarizes my activities and achievements as an Ambassador within/beyond the community, and demonstrates my commitment to promoting and advancing the StaFi products and ecosystems.

Twitter Activities
Throughout the month of May, I was active on Twitter, consistently sharing valuable and informative content in various formats. I shared tweets, graphics designs/infographics, memes, GIFs, threads, and comments on LSD related posts from several influencers and protocols. I also engaged with posts from the official twitter handles of StaFi and related ecosystems.

Here is a summary of my Twitter activities for the month of May:
Total tweets, comments and Threads:
•Total retweets: 70+
•Total likes: 70+
•Memes: 17
• Graphics designs/Infographics contained in all tweets, threads and comments.

Telegram and Discord Activities
In addition to my Twitter activities, I was also active in the StaFi Telegram and Discord group, engaging with members and sharing valuable insights on the platform. I answered questions and provided support where necessary, helping to foster a positive and supportive community environment.

I also fostered awareness about StaFi Protocol and it’s LSD solutions and incentived campaigns on CoinGecko online AMA Meeting on the Future of Liquid Staking Derivatives with over 660+ participants.

Through my Twitter, Discord, Telegram and offline activities, I have been able to promote the StaFi Protocol products, share valuable insights, and engage with members of the community. I look forward to continuing to contribute and support the growth and development of the StaFi ecosystem.
Attached is the links to all my works and contributions for May 2023.

Telegram ID: @AlphaTower
Discord ID: AlphaTower#0156
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details
Month: May 2023

Contributions are as follows:

  1. Onboarded and successfully oriented 4 additional StaFi Rangers this month of May to compensate for the loss of 3 Rangers through inactivity and voluntary exit. We now have a total of 14 Active Rangers on the program.

  2. Program Manager for StaFi Rangers Program as the main responsible for the management and assessment work of all the StaFi Rangers. A daily average of not less than 50 quote tweets assessed and rewarded with respect to all the StaFi Ecosystem Official Twitter accounts for Twitter engagements. A weekly assessment and reward for Rangers task on Twitter promotional activities.
    Twitter engagements Rangers Proof Link: Discord
    Twitter Promotional Rangers Progress Link: Discord

  3. Maintained and monitored the StaFi Credit balance sheet for all the StaFi Rangers for the month of May.
    Credit Balance Sheet:
    StaFi Rangers Credit Balance - Google Tabellen

  4. Published StaFi Rangers Program April 2023 Report:

  5. Help keep the community members engaged with the StaFi Discord server as well as provide relevant information if and when needed, especially answering queries and support tickets. Supported the server with very quick response to help community members reach Technical support if and when needed.

  6. Supervise the Announcement channel and for StaFi Project Updates channel for May Progress.
    Announcement Link: Discord
    Project Updates Link: Discord

Telegram ID: @jupita606

Discord ID: mrrpiusz#4561

Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details

Month: May 2023

It was my first complete month cycle as a Twitter Operator for StaFi, and I must admit that so far, it has been more of a learning and growing process for me, than a job. For the month of May, I contributed to managing StaFi Protocol’s official Twitter handle, and my tasks involved:

  • Drafting daily Tweets, Announcements and Threads around recent updates and developments within the StaFi ecosystem.
  • Designing graphic banners for some of the announcements.
  • Creating organic Twitter engagements by consistently commenting, retweeting and engaging on posts relating to StaFi
  • And following up on direct messages sent to the StaFi official Twitter handle.

Highlighted below are most of the links to my work for May:

Mod: Zanthony

Period: April 2023

TG: @and_the_glory

As always, I continued to push StaFi’s LST solutions and products on the Twitter front through StaFiHub and rDEX official accounts.

    • Fetching and reporting StaFi product data on a daily basis
    • Created original posts relating to rDEX and StaFiHub. At least one post was made on a daily basis (averaging about 40 posts per handle). These came as short videos, gifs, banners, memes, interactive polls, and threads.


    • Retweeted/quoted posts related to StaFi Protocol, rDEX & StaFiHub
    • Replied to comments under some posts relating to rDEX & StaFiHub
  • Interaction with topics related to the Cosmos Eco
    • Attended to several messages on Twitter
    • Provided assistance via comments and replies
    • Engaged several of these announcements with a personal account
    • Encouraged the use new governance forum

Telegram ID: @Aerovall
Discord ID: aerovall
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details for the Month of May year of 2023


  1. Established partnership with launching our $rETH/$ETH
    campaign at optimism with the help of VelodromeFi dex
    2.Establishing connection with EquilibriaFi( and
    Penpie( to have a protocol booster for our pendle pool
    3.Researching LSD-fi protocols checking on who can be a great partner protocol that would help
    StaFi in growing.

Even with the bearish sentiment of market it should serve as a motivation to continue working hard and looking for partners which can help each other to weather the storm despite the challenging days ahead of us.

May has been another month of significant progress for the StaFi Warriors team, with each member contributing tirelessly to the growth and development of the StaFi community. Their dedication to StaFi’s mission and their consistent efforts have led to impressive results. Here’s a detailed summary of the team’s contributions.

Jupiter, the StaFi Twitter Operator for the Official StaFi and rDEX Twitter Handles, has been actively drafting tweets, designing banners, and engaging with the community, ensuring a robust online presence for StaFi.

Zanthony, the StaFi Twitter Operator for StaFiHub, has been diligently reporting StaFi product data, creating original posts, and interacting with the Cosmos Eco, thereby enhancing our community’s knowledge and conveying news about StaFiHub.

AlphaTower, our community manager, has successfully onboarded 4 new Rangers and maintained the StaFi Credit balance sheet. He also published the StaFi Rangers Program April 2023 Report and kept the community engaged with the StaFi Discord server.

Caesar, our forum manager, has migrated and updated content on the new forum and drafted the StaFi June Community Call announcement thread, ensuring our community stays informed.

Kelvin, our business development moderator, has established a partnership with Velodrome and is working on connections with EquilibriaFi and Penpie. His research into LSD-fi protocols is setting the stage for future collaborations.

The combined efforts of the StaFi Warriors team have made significant contributions to the community’s growth and progress. For a comprehensive overview of individual contributions, please check out the May StaFi Warrior Contribution report here: StaFi Warriors Contribution Statistics - Google Tabellen

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