StaFi Warriors Program

Since its inception, StaFi has been committed to building an open, free and self-governing community. We need more people to join us, advocating and generalizing StaFi’s ideas and blockchain knowledge. We need people who understand StaFi’s application scenarios and prospects, and help others understand it. We can work together to deliver our goal. Therefore, we are launching the StaFi Global Ambassador Program, namely “StaFi Warriors Program”, to recruit ambassadors who share the same vision as StaFi and are willing to help the StaFi community grow. StaFi will give them financial support as well as guidance and inspiration. The program aims to bring together the best talents in the community to advance StaFi’s vision of a community-driven, decentralized ecosystem.

StaFi Warriors, let’s convene: Google Forms

Learn more about different roles here: StaFi Warriors

As a StaFi Warrior you will get

  1. Resource and financial support: StaFi will give you assistance (such as publicity through StaFi’s media channels) and incentives for organizing online and offline Meetups, Workshop talks, and AMAs.

  2. Expertise training: StaFi warriors can help the community in what they are interested in or good at, polishing professional knowledge and skills. Some outstanding warriors will also have the opportunity to join the StaFi team as a core members.

  3. Access to first-hand information: Before a new product is launched, StaFi warriors will be able to participate in internal team discussions, have priority to try our products, provide their valuable feedback, and get first-hand information.

  4. Become a friend with StaFi team members: StaFi warriors will make acquaintance with StaFi team members and be the first ones to learn about StaFi’s latest progress, development direction and strategic decisions.

StaFi Warrior Recruitment

StaFi welcomes you no matter where you are from. We would like future StaFi warriors to:

  1. Have a strong interest in DeFi, Staking derivatives, PoS, and a deep understanding of the Polkadot ecosystem. We prefer someone who has published articles on the blockchain industry. If you are an influencer, we definitely want you to join us.

  2. Be willing to and good at organizing online and offline events, and also know how to attract more people to the event.

  3. Have excellent presentation and speaking skills.

  4. Have the experience of building a community from scratch, maintain it over time and achieve good results.

  5. Love decentralized communities and be willing to make some contributions.

Duties of StaFi Warriors

  1. Organize online and offline activities, such as Meetup, Workshop talks, AMAs, etc.

  2. Build and operate an online community in any language, such as English, Chinese, etc.

  3. Write articles related to topics such as StaFi, Staking derivatives, and DeFi.

  4. Actively join in the dialogues in StaFi communities and forums (WeChat, Telegram, StaFi forums).

  5. Keep a keen eye out for collaborative opportunities that will promote the StaFi ecosystem.

  6. Give advice or recommendations for the development of StaFi.

  7. Answer questions for other warriors in the global warrior group.

  8. Translate StaFi’s documents, and tutorials into your native language and promote them locally.

The responsibilities of a warrior are expounded as follows:


  1. Understand and identify with the core values and concepts of StaFi

  2. Generalize the concept of StaFi through different channels, such as forums and social media, to let more people understand StaFi, and promote StaFi’s influence in the crypto community.

  3. Help other community members, cooperate with the StaFi team by answering questions, assist community members with nominations and the use of StaFi products, etc.

  4. Generate StaFi-related content, such as articles, charts, memes, videos, etc. Make your creation interesting and educational, so that other community members can learn something about StaFi from your work.

Community Engagement

  1. Actively promote and participate in StaFi events, such as live streams, seminars and AMAs.

  2. Stay active in StaFi’s official channels including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, 4chan, forums and WeChat communities. Constantly share the latest developments of StaFi, start and maintain discussions and attract more voices.

Become a local spokesperson for StaFi

  1. StaFi encourages warriors to create and maintain StaFi communities locally.

  2. Write in local languages, or localize articles to local languages, and update the latest information of StaFi.

  3. Hold online or offline meetings or AMAs.

Prosper StaFi ecosystem

  1. Make connections with local media and earn StaFi more exposure.

  2. Seek cooperation opportunities that can make the StaFi ecosystem more prosperous.

Interact with the StaFi team

  1. Provide the latest news and suggestions to the StaFi team.

  2. Participate in the testing of StaFi products and give feedback.

  3. Collect feedback from members of the StaFi community.

  4. Help each other with other warriors.

StaFi warriors can apply for awards once a month. We will assess your rewards by the proof of contributions that you submit. Rewards will be issued in the form of FIS.

The above incentives are set based on the StaFi team’s current knowledge and the development level of StaFi. We may ignore something by mistake, or make some incorrect decisions. If you have better ideas, please let us know in the StaFi forum. As the StaFi project grows, the incentive plan will also be constantly improved to make sure every gain comes with pay. If you have further questions regarding incentives, you can contact @sara8721 in Telegram.

Submission and Timetable

Schedule for submission of applications:

StaFi Warriors recruitment: always open

Submit warrior application: Google Forms (this form is always accessible)

The StaFi team will give you feedback within one week

After the submission, StaFi will send you an e-mail if you are selected as a warrior.

Schedule for submission of applications for incentives:

Warriors contribution submission method: Google Forms (this form is always accessible)

The application for incentives should be submitted on the first seven days of each month.

The awards will be issued within the 8th-14th of each month.

A project can never be successful without a thriving community, which consists of passionate and enthusiastic warriors, along with their time and energy. The StaFi team will work with the warriors to pool our strength, passions and efforts together and jointly create an open, self-governing StaFi community.

About StaFi Protocol

StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking the liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. FIS is the native token on StaFi Chain. FIS is required to provide security to the network by staking, paying for transaction fees on the StaFi chain, and minting & redeem rTokens.

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