[Discussion Draft] Marketing Plan and Budget Proposal


As StaFi embarks on a significant upgrade, transitioning to version 2.0 this year, we are eager to amplify this transformative journey through strategic marketing initiatives. To support this endeavor, we propose allocating a budget specifically designed to forge connections with protocols dedicated to disseminating information about StaFi. Additionally, we aim to collaborate with influencers who can play a crucial role in educating and onboarding new users to the StaFi ecosystem.

By investing in targeted marketing efforts, our objective is to foster meaningful engagements and attract a fresh wave of users. This proactive approach not only encourages new user adoption but also aims to cultivate their loyalty to our protocol. We believe that the concerted efforts in marketing will contribute significantly to the growth of both the StaFi community and our protocol, solidifying our position in the market.


Proposing for allocating a budget per month for marketing expenses

This includes, but is not limited to

  • Social media promotion
  • AMAs
  • KOL / influencers content syndication
  • PR and editorial publishing to quality crypto media
  • growth hacking and guerilla marketing
  • other activities that may help or support the efficiency

By passing this proposal, this would further enhance StaFi’s publicity and for existing and new users to be aware of our transitioning to StaFi 2.0 and of our soon product launches.


  1. Educational Threads from Influencers - The cornerstone of our marketing strategy lies in the creation of educational threads, designed to provide new users with an in-depth understanding of StaFi’s structure. These threads will adopt an "Explain Like I’m 5" (ELI5) approach, facilitating a seamless onboarding experience for users.

The educational content will specifically guide users through the intricacies of StaFi’s transition, elucidating the shift from native parachain to ERC-20. This transparent and simplified communication is essential in ensuring that users grasp the nuances of this transformation effortlessly.

Moreover, as we gear up for the launch of new rTokens on our proposed launchpad, these educational threads will serve as an invaluable resource. By breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible information, we aim to empower users with the knowledge needed to navigate and utilize the upcoming features confidently.

  1. Coordinated Marketings/Campaigns with Other Protocols - We propose establishing strategic partnerships with protocols specializing in marketing and campaigns, aiming to leverage their expertise in acquiring new users and amplifying awareness for StaFi. Sample potential partners, such as Galxe, Intract, and QuestN.

By aligning with these protocols, we anticipate significant synergies that will contribute to the success of our ongoing incentives, particularly with regard to our rTokens. These partnerships hold the promise of expanding our reach, tapping into new user bases, and fostering heightened visibility within the targeted communities.

  1. Publishing News for Major Events - This marketing plan is reserved for major events such as successful migration of our FIS from parachain to EVM chain and as well as new rToken launches in our rLaunchpad that would make our product known to media readers

*Budget would depend on what would be approved by the core team


Community feedback serves as the lifeblood of governance, pulsating with the collective energy that propels us towards building a more robust and inclusive ecosystem. We encourage you to openly share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns, as this collaborative exchange is the catalyst for co-creating the path forward together.

Your input is invaluable, and by engaging in this dialogue, we foster a sense of shared ownership and commitment to the continuous enhancement of our community and ecosystem.

Let’s embark on this journey of co-creation, shaping a collective vision for a stronger future.

It’s commendable that the proposal clearly outlines the objective of amplifying StaFi’s transformative journey through strategic marketing initiatives.

And also the emphasis on forging connections with protocols and collaborating with influencers reflects a proactive approach to user education and onboarding.

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