StaFi 2.0 LSaaS Community Campaign

After a successful month online, StaFi 2.0 LSaaS is preparing to integrate LRT and expand its influence and adoption. To achieve this, we will allocate a portion of our budget to support community campaigns. Below are the campaign details:

Campaign Objectives

  • Amplify the impact of StaFi 2.0
  • Establish partnerships for Liquidity Staking As a Service
  • Boost $FIS token visibility and trading volume in the secondary market

Campaign Budget Allocation

  • One portion will be used to create and promote campaigns on platforms like Galxe or Zealy, which have been previously researched
  • Another portion will be reserved for campaign rewards
  • The final portion will be allocated as rewards for community mods


  • Community mods are invited to submit detailed campaign plans and budgets by May 13th
  • Our review team, consisting of @Liam, @signal, @Sara_StaFi, and @OLIVIA, will evaluate the submitted plans and determine the final plan and budget
  • The budget will be released in two installments: upon campaign creation and completion



When submitting your campaign proposal, please ensure it includes the following essential information:

  • A clear explanation of how your campaign plan will achieve the objectives and its unique advantages
  • Campaign Meta: name, description, time, poster, cover, rewards and others information, this meta should be match with the settings of Galxe and Zealy
  • Campaign Task: task name, task detail and task rewards
  • Campaign Rewards and Social Media Amplification
  • Campaign Budget

My Campaign planπŸ‘†

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Thank you for the campaign submitted by Mercy. Additionally, to gather more plans, the deadline has been extended to May 13th.

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Link to Proposal below

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