Proposal for rLaunchpad new rToken Listing

To the StaFi Community and rLaunchpad Committee:

This proposal outlines the potential listing of three innovative rTokens - rAVAX, rSUI, and rINJ - on the rLaunchpad program to foster community engagement and drive StaFi protocol adoption. By integrating these promising DeFi projects within the rLaunchpad ecosystem, we aim to:

  1. Expand StaFi’s Eco Coverage: Offering rAVAX, rSUI, and rINJ expands StaFi’s reach into diverse ecosystems and its DeFi sectors, including leveraged yield farming, liquid staking, and on-chain derivatives.
  2. Enhance rToken utility: Drive higher staking volume and capital appreciation for rToken holders.
  3. Enhance Community Involvement: Integrating these projects incentivizes community participation through rLaunchpad features. This fosters deeper engagement, attracts new community members, and strengthens the bond between StaFi and our community.

Ecosystem Comparation:

Avalanche (AVAX):

A highly scalable blockchain platform known for its fast transaction speeds and low fees. Its robust DeFi ecosystem offers a wide range of protocols for lending, borrowing, and yield farming, making it a prime target for leveraged yield farming solutions like rAVAX.

  • AVAX: 365 million circulating, with a maximum supply capped at 720 million.
  • TVL: ~$18.7 billion
  • Recent growth: ~58% growth in TVL since September 2023.
  • Adoption: Strong adoption by DeFi protocols like Aave, Curve, and Pangolin.
  • Recent news: Avalanche Foundation’s Blizzard Incentive Program to further boost ecosystem growth.

Injective (INJ)

A decentralized blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK, specifically designed for fast and efficient derivatives trading. Injective’s consensus mechanism ensures secure and transparent on-chain transactions.

  • INJ: 1 billion with a planned inflation rate of 2% per year.
  • TVL: ~$25 million
  • Growth: Steady growth with TVL increasing ~25% since September 2023.
  • Adoption: Growing user base attracted by advanced derivatives features and DeFi integrations.
  • Recent news: Injective’s successful integration with Chainlink and launch of new AMM models strengthening its derivatives offering.

Sui (SUI)

A next-generation blockchain focused on scalability and developer experience. Its unique Move programming language and object-oriented approach aim to simplify smart contract development and foster a thriving ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps). rSUI unlocks the potential of Sui’s liquid staking mechanism, enabling greater participation and capital efficiency within the network.

  • SUI: 1 billion with a planned inflation rate of 5% per year.
  • TVL: ~$188 million
  • Growth: Rapidly growing ecosystem with TVL doubling since November 2023.
  • Adoption: Early adopters include protocols like SUI Swap and Monet.
  • Recent news: Sui Foundation’s $100 million developer fund and strategic partnerships with major industry players fueling ecosystem expansion.

Community Feedback and Governance:

We encourage active community participation in evaluating these proposals. Community feedback will be gathered through dedicated forum discussions before the voting processes.