rLaunchpad season2 is open

With the launch of rSEI staking and incentives, rLaunchpad Season 1 has officially concluded. Reflecting on Season 1, from community and project proposals to the launch of new rTokens, we went through two quarters but also encountered several issues:

  • The collaboration with SEI Foundation was not deep enough. The SEI ecosystem has many new LST projects, making competition tough.
  • There were limited incentives for the ecosystem and DeFi within the SEI ecosystem, attracting few new users. From a protocol perspective, the return on investment was minimal.
  • rSEI had a minimal impact on enhancing LSaaS.

Based on these issues, for Season 2, the submitted projects should focus more on new Layer 1s that have a demand for LSaaS. This way, FIS incentives can better promote LSaaS adoption. Therefore, we hope the community considers this when submitting rToken listing proposals.


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It is a big move again.

Adjustment is based on the last rLaunchpad, quick change will be a good fit for the next round. I am fully bullish about the coming season 2 of rLaunchpad.