StaFi Warriors Contribution Submission & Assessment -December 2023

As November draws to a close, we once again turn the spotlight on the incredible efforts of our StaFi Warriors, Ambassadors, and Rangers. Your commitment has been instrumental in advancing the StaFi ecosystem, and it’s time to showcase your hard work.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Activities: Describe your initiatives, roles, and any creative endeavors you undertook.
  • Impact: Elaborate on the measurable or significant impact of your efforts.
  • Links to Work: Provide direct links to your work, engagements, or any relevant documentation.
  • Recognition or Feedback: Share any notable accolades or feedback you’ve received.

We encourage detailed submissions to thoroughly understand and appreciate your contributions. Each entry will be rigorously evaluated, and participants will be recognized and rewarded in accordance with our Warriors and Rangers Programs.

Your dedication is the driving force behind StaFi’s journey towards reshaping decentralized finance. We are immensely grateful for your support and look forward to celebrating another month of exceptional achievements.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

Telegram ID: @Aerovall
Discord ID: aerovall
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details for the Month of December year of 2023

1.Planning of Migration of Liquidity from Thena to Pancakeswap due to recent exploit with Gamma halting the deposits of rBNB-BNB, more info about the gamma exploit(P.S. StaFi isn’t affected only the depositing of liquidity due to it is seeded in thena which is using gamma for their v3 strategies.)

2.Establishing a connection with bribery protocols that involves exploring the dynamics of bribe mechanics specifically tied to Pancakeswap’s veCAKE. This entails discussing incentivizing practices aimed at future rBNB-BNB liquidity providers on Pancakeswap v3.

3.Successful connection with Skillet Finance but skillet finance already sunsetted. link

4.Successful connection with Cakepie, talks with cakepie team currently Ongoing. Pending our migration of rBNB-BNB liquidity to pancakeswap

5.Listing of our balancer pool rETH-ETH on YaspFi
More info about YaspFi : YaspFi is a one stop shop for everything at DeFi, at present they currently have their web yield listing app and at their future plans they will be having their own mobile wallet app.

pool link

6.Currently on talks with YaspFi to list all of our pools and have co-marketing strategy together

7.Drafted a proposal for rLaunchpad new rToken Listing for rFTM , rNEAR , rMETIS. link

8.Drafted a second proposal for rLaunchpad new rToken listing for rASTR. link

9.Moderating Messages , Banning of Scammers and Assisting users with questions in StaFi Protocol’s Telegram

Telegram ID: @AlphaTower
Discord ID: AlphaTower#0156
Twitter ID:
StaFi Contribution Details

Month: December 2023

  1. Update Mod-Report channel in discord for server weekly statistics.
  • December Data:
    –Discord Members December 1st: 9643
    –Discord Members December 31st: 9679
    –Discord members gained/lost: +26
    –Opened Tickets: 41
    –Total Open Tickets Remaining: 0
    –Total messages: 1431
    –Deleted Scams/Spams: 1051
  1. Help keep the community members engaged with the StaFi Discord server as well as provide relevant information if and when needed, especially answering queries and support tickets. Supported the server with very quick response to help community members reach Technical support if and when needed. Details down below:
  • Community member asking what was the issue during his staking why it didn’t push through. Status: Replied, there are may dust transactions on the Cosmos Chain, @tore7980 Dev optimized the service to speed up transaction parsing.
  • Community member was concerned about ETH/rETH ratio history for tax purposes. Status: Replied, it can be found on
  • Community members asking about the eligibility for the delegation program for StaFi Validators. Status: Replied, The validator should contribute to StaFi and submit first in the form before he/she is contacted by the team if eligible for the delegation program. These may change in the future based on the Proposals made by the community.
  • Community member was concerned why circulating supply jumped to 136 million. Status: Replied, informationm such as in CoinMarketCap may be delayed, upto date data of StaFi can be found on StaFi portal
  • Staking Atom concern about delayed in getting the rAtom. Status: Resolved, there were some problems StaFi’s Cosmos node, already fixed by Dev @tore7980.
  • StaFiHub error “validator not in whitelist” when executed create-validator command by a community member. Status: Replied, as Devs StaFiHub is currently a POA network, so the registration as a validator requires permission, no current plans to add new validators for StaFiHub.
  • Community member attempted to stake HUAHUA, but did not recieve any rHUAHUA. Status: Resolved, block data processing was delayed due to node issues, fixed by Dev @tore7980
  • A community member with a big amount of rFIS on BSC was affected by SIP-6 Bridge Removal. Status: Resolved, with the help of @kamiesheep and @tore7980 the rFIS BSC bridge to the StaFiChain(native) was temporarily opened for the member to utilize.
  • Community Member tries to claim old $FIS rewards for rATOM incentive program 2years ago. Status: Resolved, provided with the Addresses involved, Dev @tore7980 managed to help manually instruct the member to claim the incentive rewards via
  • 2 consecutive occurrences (Dec 19 and 20) about concern regarding IBC may be offline for 3 hours had been in a pending state. Status: Resolved, issue was alerted to and fixed by Dev @tore7980
  • StakeUp team to discuss collaboration and the possibility of joining as a validator StaFi’s network. Status: Ongoing review, this was forwarded to the attention of @sarastafi for the StakeUp team to fill up forms and requirements.
  • Community member concern for StaFi to implement Multisig. Status: Resolved, StaFi Multisig App on StaFi chain has been developed and is on public testing phase (
  • User issue bridging FIS from the Stafi chain (polkadot) to Ethereum. Status: Resolved, adjustment of user gas fee and the transaction got through
  • User cannot deposit rAtom to Osmosis and stuck at pending status. Status: Resolved, Osmosis node was updated to new version that caused the issue, fixed by Dev @tore7980
  • A huge spike of attempted Scams and/or Spamming on StaFi discord servers various channels this Month of December about 2/3 of total messaged sent on discord. Status: Resolved, automatic deletion of scams/spams by our discord security or manual deletion and banning of server violations.
  1. Supervise the Announcement channel and for StaFi Project Updates channel for December Progress.
    Announcement Link: Announcement Channel
    Project Updates Link: Project Updates Channel
    DAO Updates Link: DAO Updates Channel

TWITTER: @oghene_ganreTM
DISCORD: Jagwa#3535

Hello community, December 2023 had a lot of development behind the scenes from Neutron partnership to the warrior rebranding. I had the opportunity to contribute to the growth of StaFi awareness via twitter influence, testnet feedback, Solflare Wallet integration Proposal and community support

I have inserted all details of my contribution in this google doc link:
December Report For StaFi Protocol

Telegram: @mercysnow
X: @ElegantSnowWhit

Successful connection to Exodus wallet

Hey Kelvin, thanks for your contributions in December. It’s been a busy month!

Firstly, thanks for willingly joining community management. Secondly, your multiple rToken listing proposals were valuable. Lastly, there have been some developments in the BD area.

Looking ahead, the focus will be on activities related to 2.0. We plan to pitch some marketing platforms and explore opportunities for controlled KOL spending. Additionally, we’ll assess opportunities related to rTokens, including upcoming incentives for rETH on Timeswap. Also, the rATOM migration for Neutron is progressing into the contract audit stage.

Finally, your December reward will be 400 U, hope you can continue making outstanding contributions.

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Hey, Alpha Tower, thanks for your December contribution.

However, I’d like to bring up two points for improvement. Firstly, there seems to be no progress or plans regarding community engagement and the community support needed for StaFi 2.0. Secondly, I hope to see a stronger familiarity with the product, as there have been observations that you might not be very acquainted with it based on some ticket feedback.

Your December reward will be 350 U, and I hope you can focus on addressing these two aspects.

Hey, Jawga, thanks for your December contribution. I’d like to provide some feedback on your contributions.

I hope to see an improvement in the quality of your contributions rather than focusing solely on quantity. For instance, in your Twitter threads about StaFi, it’s important that they are high-quality and demonstrate a clear understanding of the content. Please feel free to share your drafts in the group for collaborative reviews. Additionally, I encourage you to focus on StaFi 2.0 as a primary theme for your contributions. Continuously produce high-quality content centered around 2.0.

Regarding future contributions, please consolidate all content into posts rather than using Google Docs. Your December reward will be 80 FIS.

Hey, Mercysnow, thanks for your December contribution.

You’ve successfully connected two wallets integrations, but progress in this area has been slow due to the concentrated development efforts on StaFi 2.0. I hope that moving forward, you can also focus on StaFi 2.0. For instance, consider establishing partnerships with web3 marketing platforms similar to Galxe to promote StaFi 2.0.

Additionally, your Twitter content could also revolve around StaFi 2.0. Your December reward will be 100 FIS.