StaFi Warriors Contribution Submission & Assessment - July 2023

Dear StaFi Warriors and Ambassadors, as we conclude the month of July 2023, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible efforts and invaluable contributions you have all made towards the advancement and success of the StaFi ecosystem. Your unwavering dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work continue to bring our vision and objectives to life.

July has been a month of significant progress and exciting developments on the StaFi platform. We have seen the successful proposal to transition $rMATIC to the EVM LSD Architecture, the conclusion of the $rBNB Bug Bounty Program, and the launch of the $rMATIC EVM LSD Solution. Our community was actively engaged through initiatives like the StaFi Long-Term Validator Recruitment Plan and the recognition of outstanding contributors through the StaFi Warrior Awards. Strategic collaborations were forged with Yearn Finance and Timeswap, expanding the reach and utility of StaFi’s $rETH token.

Your relentless support and contributions have been instrumental in achieving these milestones. We are truly grateful for your commitment and the pivotal role you play in our community.

We kindly request that you summarize your contributions for the month of July in the comments section below. Please provide as much detail as possible, including links to your design work, Twitter activities, integration collaborations, and any other significant achievements. Your efforts will be recognized and rewarded as per our Warriors Program.

Once again, we express our deepest gratitude for your commitment and contributions to the StaFi ecosystem. Your efforts are truly making a difference, and we look forward to achieving more milestones together.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

To learn more about our StaFi Warriors and Rangers Programs, click on the links below:

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Telegram ID: @AlphaTower
Discord ID: AlphaTower#0156
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details

Month: July 2023
Contributions are as follows:

  1. Updated the StaFi Credits Bot Profile to the updated logo rebrand.

  2. Updated discord role icon for CoreDev and Admin. This is an indicator for normal community members to determine who represents StaFi. Also a way to prevent Scammers/Impersonators.

  3. Uploaded 2 Static and 2 Animated emojis from StaFi’s new Logo (Light and Dark background included) that can be used for announcements and/or other posts to make it more aesthetic. In-server emoji’s are exclusive to StaFi Discord members use.
    Reference link: Discord

  4. Updated StaFi’s discord animated banner from the GIF made by Jupiter. This banner is animated and is shown on top of the Discord Server’s Channels.
    Reference link: Discord

  5. Participated in testing the new rToken App released on the testnet and provided constructive feedback and suggestions to better understand user using habits to help it improve before launching it on the mainnet.

  6. Onboarded and successfully oriented 1 additional StaFi Ranger this month of July. Whom also passed the probationary period to have a total of 14 Active Rangers on the program.

  7. Implemented a new monthly $FIS budget for the Rangers Program will increase from 1000 $FIS to 1500 $FIS which was approved by the core team. Together with the new computation for StaFi Credits exchange on each Ranger’s contribution.
    Reference link: Discord

  8. Program Manager for StaFi Rangers Program as the main responsible for the management and assessment work of all the StaFi Rangers. A daily average of not less than 50 quote tweets assessed and rewarded with respect to all the StaFi Ecosystem Official Twitter accounts for Twitter engagements. A weekly assessment and reward for Rangers task on Twitter promotional activities.
    Twitter engagements Rangers Proof Link: Discord
    Twitter Promotional Rangers Progress Link: Discord

  9. Maintained and monitored the StaFi Credit balance sheet for all the StaFi Rangers for the month of July.
    Credit Balance Sheet:
    StaFi Rangers Credit Balance - Google Tabellen

  10. Published StaFi Rangers Program June 2023 Report:
    Rangers Program - June 2023 Report

  11. Help keep the community members engaged with the StaFi Discord server as well as provide relevant information if and when needed, especially answering queries and support tickets. Supported the server with very quick response to help community members reach Technical support if and when needed.

  12. Supervise the Announcement channel and for StaFi Project Updates channel for July Progress.
    Announcement Link: Discord
    Project Updates Link: Discord


Name: Charles Ace

X: @Charlesace_

Telegram: Charlesace

Discord: charlesace

Here’s my contribution for the month of July; It includes promotional tweets, infographics and 1 video.

Link: StaFI July (Charles Ace) - Google Docs

Telegram ID: @Aerovall
Discord ID: aerovall
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details for the Month of July year of 2023


  1. Created and posted a forum snapshot vote that has passed in potential future partnership at Frax Protocol Snapshot
  2. Background talks with more protocols that could be potential partner and can help on expansion of rTokens to new chains as well
  3. Continue researching of protocols that can have mutual benefits with StaFi Protocol
  4. Participated in testing the new rToken app and suggested things that would benefit the users.

With continued market sentiment is a bit bearish lots of protocols went from launching almost every week with now mostly are halting their launches and just focuses on building at the moment but nevertheless are still continue on researching and finding a suitable and prospected partners.

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Twitter: @delkind26
Telegram: @delkind26
Discord: @delkind26

StaFi July 2023 Contributions

My contribution is more focused on Twitter. Sharing all related news on social media. I have quoted some StaFi and StaFiHub tweets to bring more visibility to StaFi.

Here is my contribution resume: Google Docs

Sylvester Ajuka
Telegram ID: @Sanches_IQ
Discord ID: Sanchez IQ#4473
Twitter ID: @Kvng_aries
Month: July, 2023

Contributions are as follows:
This report summarizes my activities and achievements as an Ambassador within/beyond the community, and demonstrates my commitment to promoting and advancing the StaFi products and ecosystems.

Twitter Activities
Throughout the month of July, I was active on Twitter, consistently sharing valuable and informative content in various formats. I shared tweets, graphics designs/infographics, memes, GIFs, threads, and comments on LSD related posts from several influencers and protocols. I also engaged with posts from the official twitter handles of StaFi and related ecosystems (StaFiHub and rDEX).

Here is a summary of my Twitter activities for the month of July:
•Threads, Tweets and Comments
• Retweets and likes(StaFi, StaFiHub and rDEX)
• Quote Tweets
• GIFs
• Memes
• Designs/Infographics and short videos.

Telegram and Discord Activities
In addition to my Twitter activities, I was also active in the StaFi Telegram and Discord group, engaging with members and sharing valuable insights on the platform. I engaged in conversations and provided support where necessary, helping to foster a positive and supportive community environment.

Through my Twitter, Discord, Telegram and offline activities, I have been able to promote the StaFi Protocol products, share valuable insights, and engage with members of the community. I look forward to continuing to contribute and support the growth and development of the StaFi ecosystem.

Attached is the links to all my works and contributions for July 2023:

Nsikak Joseph Jonathan

Telegram ID: @cryptodoc04

Twitter ID: @_brownish6

Discord ID: CryptoDNA#7640

StaFi Contribution Details

Month: July 2023

  1. Twitter Threads

created insightful Twitter threads for Stafi Protocol. These threads focused on relevant topics and recent announcements and included relevant hashtags and mentions to increase engagement.

  1. Infographics

These infographics were designed to provide a visual representation of Stafi Protocol’s technology, recent announcements, product update and more. The infographics were shared on Twitter and received a high level of engagement.

  1. Twitter Posts

In addition to Twitter threads and infographics, I created Twitter posts to promote Stafi . These posts included updates on the project’s development, news and events, and engaging contents.

4.Quote Tweets

The quote tweets were shared in response to relevant industry news and events and helped to increase Stafi Protocol’s visibility on Twitter.

Here is a link to my contribution:

Telegram ID: @jupita606
Discord ID: mrrpiusz#4561
Twitter ID:

StaFi Contribution Details
Month: July 2023

Contributions are as follows:

  1. Drafted daily Tweets, Announcements, Threads and designed Graphic Banners around recent updates and developments within the StaFi ecosystem.
  2. Created original posts including Tweets, Graphics and Videos relating to rDEX. At least one post was made per day.
  3. Created organic Twitter engagements by consistently commenting, retweeting, quote tweeting and engaging on posts relating to StaFi and rDEX.
  4. Followed up on direct messages sent to the StaFi and rDEX official Twitter handle.
  5. Consistently engaged several of the announcements with personal accounts.

One of my other notable work for July include:

  1. Testing and providing feedback for the new rToken App before it was launched:

Highlighted below are most of the links to my work for July:

StaFi Protocol Contributions

rDEX Contributions

(Tweets & Graphics)


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Mod: Zanthony

Period: July 2023

TG: @and_the_glory

As always, I continued to push StaFi’s LST solutions and products on the Twitter front through StaFiHub official accounts.

    • Fetching and reporting StaFi product data on a daily basis
    • Created original posts relating to StaFiHub. At least one post was made on a daily basis (averaging about 30 posts). These came as short videos, gifs, banners, memes, interactive polls, and threads.


    • Retweeted/quoted posts related to StaFiHub
    • Replied to comments under some posts relating to StaFiHub
  • Interaction with topics related to the Cosmos Eco
    • Attended to several messages on Twitter
    • Provided assistance via comments and replies
    • Engaged several of these announcements with a personal account
    • Encouraged the use new governance forum

July 2023 StaFi Warriors Contribution Report

July 2023 has been a testament to the unwavering commitment of the StaFi Warriors team, each member playing a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of the StaFi community. Jupiter has been particularly active, not only drafting daily tweets and designing captivating banners but also creating a series of original posts, videos, and graphics centered around rDEX. His efforts in fostering organic Twitter engagements and promptly addressing direct messages to the StaFi and rDEX official handles have been commendable.

Zanthony, on the other hand, has been diligently reporting StaFi product data daily. He’s been a beacon of creativity, producing a variety of content for StaFiHub, from short videos and gifs to interactive polls. His consistent interactions with topics related to the Cosmos Eco and his proactive approach to community queries on Twitter have been noteworthy.

AlphaTower’s contributions have been multifaceted. He’s revamped the StaFi Credits Bot Profile, introduced new emojis to the Discord, and played a crucial role in onboarding new StaFi Rangers. His management and assessment of the StaFi Rangers, coupled with his efforts in publishing the StaFi Rangers Program June 2023 Report, have ensured the community remains informed and engaged.

Kelvin has been a force in business development. He’s initiated and fostered potential partnerships, notably with the Frax Protocol. His research into mutually beneficial collaborations and his active participation in testing the new rToken app have set the stage for future innovations.

Lastly, our StaFi Ambassadors, namely Charles Ace, Delphino, Sanches_IQ, and Jonathan, have been instrumental in amplifying StaFi’s presence on Twitter. Their curated content, ranging from insightful videos to entertaining memes, has significantly boosted StaFi’s outreach.

For a more granular look at each contributor’s efforts, we invite you to explore the July StaFi Warrior Contribution report here: July 2023 StaFi Warriors Contribution Report