Exploring New Media Channels and Mint Partnerships


Since the inception of the Warrior and Ranger projects, they have played a crucial role in driving StaFi’s growth, establishing the community as an integral part of the StaFi ecosystem. However, as the market continues to evolve, we face significant challenges in sustaining StaFi’s growth trajectory and expanding its influence. Both aspects are currently encountering formidable obstacles.

After analyzing our various channels, we have identified that while Twitter provides exposure in terms of page views, the conversion rate (click to website) remains remarkably low, with rates approaching one in ten thousand. Despite allocating substantial human and financial resources to the Warrior and Ranger projects on Twitter, the outcomes have not been proportional.

To address these challenges, I have drafted this post to initiate a discussion on potential strategies.

New Media Channels

Warriors, excluding the BD team, will continue to explore content channels such as newsletters, Reddit, and LinkedIn to enhance StaFi’s influence. The primary objective is to increase StaFi’s visibility through these channels. Additionally, proactive efforts will be made to promote StaFi within partner communities by integrating rToken into DeFi protocols and leveraging new incentive cycles to promote rToken pools.

Furthermore, it is essential for Warriors to recruit new team members who can establish connections with news reporting channels, create dedicated columns for consistent professional content output, and ensure continuous exposure to dynamic news. These initiatives will significantly contribute to enhancing StaFi’s brand and expanding its influence.

New Mint Partnerships

Ranger’s primary focus will be on discovering new mint channels, excluding DeFi protocols, which fall under the BD team’s responsibility. Specifically, Ranger will seek partnerships with wallets and DAOs that hold funds, as integrating with these providers will greatly enhance rToken adoption. The success of Ranger’s initiatives will be measured by the number of leads generated, the conversion of leads into provider integrations, and the volume of rTokens facilitated by these partnerships. Adequate budget allocation will be provided to support the partnership conversion process effectively.



  • Newsletter
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Key metrics: Subscribers, Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Reddit
    • Enhance discussions about StaFi
    • Key metrics: Tag visibility, CTA
  • Discord/Telegram
    • Support and facilitate community discussions
    • Key metrics: Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence, ticket numbers
  • PGC (Professional Generated Content)
    • Connect with PGC channels and publish articles
    • Key metrics: Number of channels, number of articles


  • Leads: Acquiring new rToken providers
  • Connect: Integrating rToken into the provider or facilitating rToken minting by providers
  • Deal: Number of rTokens facilitated

This is good. This will prepare the information propagation team of StaFi for the next phase of the market.
What do you need in the Rangers Program? Can we ask some guidelines to be able to participate in this?

I think the warrior team would be the foundation of StaFi on the way DAO, changing the terms would empower the StaFi community to be stronger, rather than stay still. I support to the changes.