Rangers Program - August 2023 Report

August Data: Tweet impressions

Raw Analytics Data:


We started the month of August implementing the StaFi consolidated & streamlined development efforts by merging @StaFiHub_ and @rDEX_Finance with StaFi Protocol, however a decrease of about 14% in Tweet impressions has been seen in our @StaFi_Protocol X account this month of August. This also marks the 2nd month that we lost more than 200 followers. The updated X analytics data had a lack of data concerning the total output tweets, but based on the data of StaFi Credits accumulated by our Rangers, it shows there had been less tweets this month. To highlight also the Tweet regarding “Merged StaFi rToken App” has garnered the most interest in all of the announcements during this period.

StaFi Rangers Credit Balance (August-2023)

Credit Balance Sheet:

Data shows that there are low overall accumulated StaFi Credits during this month of August which may imply that there are either low participation of some Rangers, low Tweet output from StaFi X’s Account, or both. In addition 7/14 Rangers attended the August Community Call

There were also 2 Twitter “X” AMA’s during this month that were supported by our Rangers. 1) Twitter Space AMA with MC²Fi with 6 Ranger Attendees and 2) Twitter Space AMA with Timeswap with 7 Ranger Attendees. One of the highlights of this month is that the StaFi Core Team had promoted a Ranger (Namely: Michael Emezinem “a.k.a. Jagwa”) to a Warrior ambassador which the program is proud of.

As we start the month of September, all related “X” (Twitter) activities may it be Engagement and/or Promotional Activities will PAUSE until further notice. This is in relation to the new directive of the core team with regards to the proposal to expand Rangers Functions.
Proposal Link for reference: Exploring New Media Channels and Mint Partnerships

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