StaFi Warriors Program: Elevating The StaFi Narrative

In the dynamic world of decentralized finance, StaFi is committed to staying ahead. As we grow, so do our community’s aspirations. With this in mind, we’ve refined the StaFi Warriors Program to better align with our mission and the industry’s demands.

Why the Change?

Originally, the Warriors Program which included both StaFi Moderators and Ambassadors aimed to boost our brand on Professionally Generated Content (PGC) platforms. While we gained attention, the impact wasn’t always as expected. Plus, emerging blockchain ecosystems offer opportunities to enhance our content outreach and solidify StaFi’s position in the DeFi conversation.

Our Renewed Focus

Warriors & ambassadors, your mission has evolved:

  1. PGC Platforms: Engaging with top PGC platforms to pitch and co-create content that resonates with the DeFi community. The primary objective is to connect with these channels and persuade them to publish articles that highlight StaFi’s unique offerings and its impact on the decentralized finance landscape.
  2. Influencers & Thought Leaders: Collaborate for webinars, AMAs, and interactive sessions.
  3. Educational Outreach: Partner with platforms to craft tutorials and guides on StaFi’s innovations.

Simplified Task Distribution

  • Curated Collaboration List: We’ve identified potential PGC platforms and influencers for collaboration. Claim a task, establish a partnership or host an event, and earn rewards.
  • New Collaborations? If you spot an unlisted potential partner, propose their inclusion. Once approved, you can lead the collaboration.

:arrow_right: View Tasks here

Clear Rewards Structure

  • Task Completion: Successfully establish content partnerships or host impactful events.

:white_check_mark: Completed a task? Report it to our DAO Governance Forum on our Monthly Contributions Request and we will access your work and reward you accordingly.

In Conclusion

Warriors, your role is pivotal in shaping StaFi’s narrative. With this refined focus, we’re confident of making a significant impact in the DeFi space. Thank you for your dedication. Let’s redefine the DeFi narrative together!